Rakkpak crashing the game

when using rakkpak while spawning kriches , it will crash every time .

dlc 2 need fixing and please gbx test the game before releasing content .

update : it actually crash anywhere

Is specifically the rakkpak class mode crashing your game? I’ve been experiencing crashes as well, specifically in the withernot cemetery and the area you fight the yeti in the skittermaw basin. I’m also using a rakk attack fl4k with the rakkpak class mode.

yes , ive tested atleast 8 times and every time i went to the location where u have to defend burton and have to fight kriches with rakkpak equipped it will crash . not only there but also other location where kriches spawn

It`s crashing in the Handsome Jackpot DLC too, had four in a row yesterday

I am using rakkpak in Voracious Canopy and cannot play with my rakkpak. I have not switched it out yet, will try that first prior to going back to previous graphics card update now that I read this.

Removed rakkpak and all is well.

i came here to say the same thing. i cant even play the dlc. i crash withing 5 minutes every single time. Its happened at least 15 times in a row

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The new DLC is a hot mess, crashing a lot

I had to switch to Fade Away bc I couldn’t use rakk.

Xbox one S

On PS4 my game has been freezing up during loading screens making me restart the whole system.

as stated in the spoiler section,

only had a single crash with using rakks (and I have been playin rakk-fl4k a long time now… but mostly with a bounty-hunter mod since the rakk-pak mods I have do not have the +/- 28% damage boost perk. I do use it sometimes to keep trying though).

But I had a crash with a single hunt enemy in DLC2 (will not say more for spoilers)… The moment my rakks hit the enemy, the host crashes. If I’m not the host, it’s not my game that crashes but the host crashes to desktop.

If I host, it’s my game that crashes to desktop.

This is repeatable so not a random instance. When my host engaged and killed the enemy while I was chilling outside the area, all went fine, got the challenge and we moved on.

Didn’t had a single crash otherwise, not in DLC2, not in DLC1 and not in the maingame. And yes, I have been using rakk-pak sometimes (but not a lot). I do use rakks a lot.

I had about 20 crashes since the new DLC. 95% of them related to rakk use. Disappointing. I did manage to get through the DLC with my FL4k and I didn’t not spec out of Rak. It seemed to occur when the screen was filled with effects. Generally those moments were related to big fights.

bump , i want to use rakkpak so GBX pleaseeeeeeeeeeee fix it .