Rakks not scaling with Mayhem level

I was afraid of this. As far as I can tell, there is no discernable difference between the damage done by Rakks pre-patch and the damage they do now.

I have not taken it to the test dummy yet, and I am not the biggest math guy anyway when it comes to this game, but I am relatively certain that Rakk damage has not been changed one bit.

What have others seen?

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Watching joltzdude play fl4k I thought changes were visible do the changes only apply to new characters again… or only apply at max lvl… did u see a change with pet damage and maybe gamma burst

I am going to restart my game again, just to be 100% the patch and hotfixes are totally applied, but I already restarted twice AND waited a LOOOOONG time on the menu to be certain hotfixes actually had applied.

But no, as of right now, I cannot tell any difference at all on pet damage or Rakks.

I don’t run GB, so I could not state an impression about that.

I am on Xbone.

Yep, I just tested it again after restarting AND waiting for hotfixes.

Rakks can now take off around 25% of the shield bar of a Maliwan guy, pretty much exactly the same as before. I cannot possibly believe this was intended based on what was communicated in the patch notes.

QA testing much?

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So Rakk and IB both aren’t scaling? Interesting.

I’ll link this in the Hotfix thread so it doesn’t get lost. Another bug for the books
Funny since it was mentioned in the Bordercast as one of the skills that would benefit from this patch

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I said “I was afraid of this” above because if you read the patch notes, it specifically states something to the effect of “damage scaling added for Zane’s Drone and Iron Bear.” No mention of Rakks, FA, or GB at all.

I mean, Fl4k still does all the damage as far as I am concerned, but it sure would be nice to be able to use your action skill for something other than to proc anointments.

On the other hand, Jakobs shotguns are absolutely absurd now. I just used a Rakkslag anointed x16 Tidal Wave to obliterate Wotan.

They mentioned Rakk in the Bordercast as an ability that should scale.

Can you do video or screen shots?

I will try a screen shot of before and after Rakks so you can see. Gimme a sec.

Are you sure? My Rakk Attack build it’s deleting Maliwan dudes in Slaughter Star on M9 and can sometimes do 4 mil a hit. Not even bragging.

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These aren’t great screen shots, but it is a before and after using Rakk Attack that hit the Maliwan guy





You can kind of see above, 1 of the numbers is literally in the hundreds. HUNDREDS.

This is level 60, Mayhem 10. I don’t have any skills specced that would boost action skill damage, but then again, I didn’t think I would need to either based on what was said.

That’s weird. My rakks are doing 1m damage on m10 and stripping shields. Must be a bug. im on pc

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What system?


@gelboy And yes, I assume this must be some sort of a bug. I cannot believe this would have been intended. I think, upon looking closer, each Rakk appears to be hitting for about 10k.




If I were into making memes, I would take the “Thanks Obama” meme and make it into “Thanks Gearbox!” :rofl:

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This is how much mines is hitting for and when i tried the dummy in Sanctuary it was hitting for 50k yeah something isn’t right.

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oh, thats bc sanctuary doesnt apply mayhem scaling!