RallyPoints/RallyObjects How are they used?

Is there any documentation regarding Rally Points, Rally Objects and Rally Parade use and the differences therein? I have been playing and modding the various Homeworld iterations on and off since 1999 and yet I have never used and rarely thought of these functions(?) outside of the shiphold ability. A few days ago during gameplay I accidentally created a rallypoint (the little standing flag within a circle) which I then had some difficulty getting rid of. My curiosity was piqued. What are these used for?

As always, I am grateful for any assistance as I stagger through life.


Rally Point sends just built ships (possibly re-launched ships also? don’t recall ) to that point, to make a staging post for a fleet.
Rally Object basically does the same, but for things like Cap ships (useful for automatically routing reinforcements to a BC, for example)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen or used Rally Parade, so no idea there

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Thank you. I have not seen you post in some time.

Regarding the aforementioned: So, you simply create the point (or choose the object/ship) and the fleet AI automatically knows what to do without selecting and directing individual assets?

More or less. Basically, you’re just telling your production ship “send stuff to this location when it finishes”.
I’ve never really tried to get more creative than using it to build up a fleet partway across the map, and generally only ever had 1 Rally active at a time, so there’s probably features/ uses I’m missing out on.


Well, I am grateful for your taking the time to answer my inquiry. Thank you.

Rally points are also per craft, that is you can set each build/repair capable ship to have its own rally point/object. As already stated you can use the point to have a bunch of repaired/built ships go to a specific location or in the case of object, go to the current location of the object. If used on a craft that can move each ship built/repaired will go to the current location of the moving craft.

After testing, you can cancel a rally point by using the rally object icon to set the selected ship as the rally object, same with rally to a different object.

Thank you @Alpha_1.

That really clarifies the potential adaptive usefullness of this device, particularly in regards to moving ships. I will have to experiment in-game to see if I can actually benefit from its use.

Again, thank you.

In single player it can be really useful but to be honest the multi play matches can be so chaotic that using it doesn’t make sense. It can work on larger maps but having a long string of ships heading to a location can leave them open to being destroyed by a random group of enemy ships that happens by your supply chain.

On the other hand if you are the attacking force and are on the offensive it can help to re-enforce your attack group if the opponent doesn’t have any screening groups out looking for your ships.

That makes sense. Thank you.