Ramp jump to Lockdown Palace bugged?

I am playing on the remastered GOTY edition on PS4. I’ve come to the part in the General Knoxx DLC where I need to jump over the wall to access Lockdown Palace. In previous versions of the game (PS3 version), I was able to make that jump without difficulty. Now, each time I try to make that jump, I am drastically short of my mark and can’t even get over the wall.

Is there a fix for this?

You’re going off the ramp on the shack roof, correct?

I’ve had no problem doing it on XB1. Successfully clearing the wall does depend on hitting and holding the boost at just the right time, and you have to be using a runner. If you crash into the wall but remain on the ledge, there is an opening in the wall you can get to on foot to get inside.