Rampager boss fight glitch

While playing on PS4, Normal Mode, the Rampager boss got stuck on his transformation from phase two to phase three.

  • The music that was playing in the background stopped, I could only hear the sound effects;
  • Maya stood still in one side of the room, with no movement or dialogue coming from her
  • The Rampager, while in phase 2 transformation, was leaping from one upper platform to another while throwing fireballs at me below;
  • Every once in a while the boss would come down and use the attack where it opens its own chest, projects some sort of laser beam while throwing more fireballs;
  • The boss was in the IMMUNE status, so I couldn’t hurt him and finish the fight.

Had to quit to the main menu, reload my save and then fight the boss again (respawning in the upper cave above the cathedral where the fight takes place). In the second time, the bug didn’t happen and I could finish the boss fight.

But after I killed the boss, looted the Vault, watched the cutscene where Maya dies, and talked to Ava, I tried to get back to Sanctuary by using the Fast Travel machine that is made available, but the game crashed completely, forcing the PS4 to close the game.


god dammit why do i always read the spoilers

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I’m pretty familiar with that feeling haha. Curiosity also has the ugly habit of getting me.

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This same thing happened to me. I thought I wasn’t doing something that’d trigger his last phase. Guess it was actually a glitch