Rampager can respawn if you enter vault too fast

Short Description: If, you are killing the Rampager on TVHM M4 (where I did this), and you don’t let his death animation finish before entering the vault, he is alive, and you are able to kill him again, when you walk out of the vault, similar to respawning Freddy in the DLC.

Long Description:

  • kill Rampager.
  • He dropped more legendaries than I was expecting.
    I run in the vault, to check chests, “knowing” the body will have despawned when I come back out, and I can check the loot without walking through his body.
  • I exit vault after checking chest, and there is a really alive, ready to go Rampager waiting.
  • All of the loot was still on the ground.
  • After killing him, I did the same thing again.
  • When I exited the vault, it was alive again, all my loot still on the floor.
  • TVHM, M4. Killed him 5 times in a row doing this.

I’ve heard that just going back into the arena will cause him to not respawn after so many times. You can fast travel back to the vending machines instead and he will respawn everytime, pretty much guaranteed (get to snag ammo while your’re there too).

Edit: TVHM M4 isn’t required. This trick works on any mode.

Good to know. I’ve never really bothered with Rampager much, because I hate his immunity phases taking so long, but I’ve been wanting to get a few JuJus to do testing with, and see if, with a proper anoint, they could be something interesting.

He’s a pretty easy farm with a static charge artifact, or doing the brawler ward / facepuncher glitch if you’re into that kinda thing.

Eh, that always seemed weird behavior to me. Wasn’t sure if it was an exploit or not.