"ran out of video memory" error when Gaige shoot the birds

when Gaige shoot the birds, the game crash with an error “ran out of video memory”
shooting others would not cause this crash.
Other (e.g. Maya) shooting the birds would not cause this crash.

No idea what happen.

Since this is the “PC/Mac/Linux” area could you specify which one of those you’re running on?
And can you be more specific about where this happens? I assume that when you say “birds” you mean “rakk”, and they can appear in a lot of places.
If you’ll give an area and a basic overview of what you’re doing (what mission, what weapon, so on) I’ll take a Gaige there and check it out.

Actually I find the solution to prevent this error which is, not clicking the skill “Interspersed Outburst” of Gaige. Btw, I would like to show you some details of my case.

PC Win 10 Home Premium
The error occurs when Gaige shoot any of the Sky Hunters (birds) in any map with the skill “Interspersed Outburst” of Gaige. This problem also take place in the Laboratory of Lilith’s DLC, but I have no idea what I have shot because I was using Conference Call at that moment.

Once I rebuild the skill tree without “Interspersed Outburst”, this error do not occur any more.