Random Anarchy Stacks Loss

Anyone else getting it where they’re randomly losing anarchy stacks? Playing FL4K and my stacks just disappear mid-fight. No reloading or going down anything like that, and I haven’t noticed any particular thing corresponding with action skill or some other animation that removes them; they just up and vanish suddenly

Also, did they change it so the stacks stay during FFYL? Because mine are staying now, and I know they didn’t used to.

Same is happening to me on my Fl4k. Can’t really see any obvious cause.

I think they did. So far it’s staying after FFYL but there are times it feels I’m losing stacks as well with Moze. I cant replicate how.

Is your pet a gunmonkey, perchance?

It was, but I recently swapped over to the skag and was still running into the issue.

also have this issue - seems like a bug to me.