Random Battleborn fanart

Obviously the Borderlands/BB crossover is the best! It looks dope, and really an interesting icon!

I think that they’re BOTH awesome. :green_heart:

I’m sorry, I’m very indecisive with difficult choices.

Difficult decisions.

I forgot our icons are circles (on mobile) so I’ll probably go with the combo one if the fox’s ears get cut off.

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Don’t feel like you have to “put out” on a regular basis. Stuff takes time, it is the very same reason why the Battleplans have been a little light on updates. :wink:

I know this more than most because I have like a bazillion projects that unlike artworks, will never have a point where I can say they are “finished” and not enough time in a day to work on them all. :sweat_smile:

Take your time, this lot know whatever you do will be good and totally worth the wait :sunglasses:

Thanks for the support!

I say sorry too much, sorry about that. I am more disappointed in myself than anything because I was trying so hard to sketch daily and I haven’t so… I guess ignore me. I’m being too hard on myself as per usual. :sweat_smile:

I ended up going with the combo icon because the grey of the fox blended in too much with the forum background. Oh well, I guess it ended up making my choice pretty easy. Thanks for the input guys!


This picture is a lie. I haven’t had the time to play Snake Pass. T.T

I have another Pendles comic I’m working on now and unfortunately no new updates on Deande’s fan. For my environment class I’m going to try and model some of the assets from Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. So that will be super cool to share later down the road!

Edit: I just realized how awkwardly small I made myself compared to Pendles. I look like a little kid. lol


nice super saiyan 2 toby. i’m no artist, but I did make my own
borderlands hat with a plain black baseball cap from Wal-Mart
and a opaque blue paint marker vault symbol.

a couple online friends liked my hat, so I sent them
their own requested versions. :smile:


gearbox should send you a job offer. you’re
very talented dude, props to ya.

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Well I’m not going to lie, getting my feet into Gearbox one way or another is my dream. They are what inspired me to start this path and even if I never make it they will keep inspiring me. I still have a long way to go and I’m hoping after I graduate I can grab some internships and really start to learn from the professionals and be able to up my game even more!

I do make a pretty mean PB&J. Just saying, it’s definitely a skill I wouldn’t mind having on a team. :wink:


Let me know if you’re ever in the Frisco area and want a tour.


San Francisco? Hold up. Gearbox is headquartered in Texas. You work from SanFran or… are you from there… is there a secret Battleborn studio in the Bay Area… am confus…

Frisco, Texas :stuck_out_tongue:
Not an abbreviation.


Oh, that…oh, now I feel dumb. Ty for clearing that up.

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i hope you get to work for them.
best of luck.


I don’t really like UPR all that much but it fits so well.
Also I really like hitting people (in games of course) with large sticks. Taser sticks are even better.


I’m a little nervous to share since these will be tweaked later on but I’m still pretty excited about it all so I wanted to share what I have done so far for my Battleborn scene. Please ignore any glaring mistakes, I can assure you I know about them. T.T


Waaat how did I miss this thread. I can’t miss the arts threads, this has now been corrected!

I love your rough line works just as much as the cleaned up finished pieces.


I should probably keep this here with the rest of my art. Once I get free time I’ll start to draw up the badges for the faction battle top scores. But that might not be for a bit, schools been crazy and now I’m hooked trying to learn pvp. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t want to spam your thread with this… uh, masterpiece… but I thought I should give you some inspiration for super saiyan 3 Toby for when you get bored enough to feel like drawing him. :wink: