Random Battleborn fanart

Almost. I did consider that scene at some point!!

Amazing work though. You work really fast!

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Thanks! When you are waiting on 3D models to render on a computer made of molasses you end up with a lot of free time for drawing :stuck_out_tongue: Plus doing this everyday has really helped my speed I’ll admit.

Like I said, it’s very impressive. It took me about 3 weeks on-and-off to finish my Psycho Toby linework, and 35% of that time was just conceptualizing; I’m a VERY slow worker and lacking the skillset to execute my concepts properly also lends to me taking much longer.

S’why I decided I wouldn’t draw that scene you drew, I knew I couldn’t pull it off so I’m going with a much simpler pic (which admittedly will probably take me 2-3 week again once I even decide to start…and first I have to verify that I still like the concept…fml).

You, Beya, and all the other artists in this community for Battleborn are my motivation!


Still happy to have been a part of the “selection process”! Thanks for that!

Aurox looks pretty good as a separate piece too.



All done!


Really cool color palette on Aurox. lol
I’ll be done with my Orendi pic "SOON!"
Thanks for this. Orendi needs more love.


They are some of my favorite skins.

I will keep a watchful eye out for your Orendi. :smiley: ALL THE ORENDI!


You mean SIX eyes! It’s Orendi!


I just realised I forgot Aurox’s scar! Noooo I’m a failure. That’s getting fixed right after class. Darn it. I’m sorry Rock Lobster. D:

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has visited, liked, or commented on my work. It means so much and helps push me to further my skills. <3

Do you have a twitter/social media handle? I would very much like to retweet these!

Social media? Bahahaha, that’s a good one. I do have a Twitter account but I haven’t touched it in months. I’m KitComplains on there. Feel free to credit my deviantart account, http://sargentfox.deviantart.com, if you want to share any of these. :smiley: I was going to upload these there tommorow.

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Had to merge a couple to fit within the 4 image upload limit! Gotta say, I am a fan of Super Saiyan Toby! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much~ :kissing_heart:

Alright guys I know what I’m going to draw next. I finally took Deande through escorting Wolf and OH MY I need to draw those two together now. So my question to you is…

What matching hats would you guys like to see them wearing?


A Fez or a Beanie.

Top hats or fedoras. I don’t care if hipsters ruined fedoras I still like them Humphrey Bogart is cool as s nsnshsndjdjhdhdhdjsnmsk


Those kiddie “propeller-hats”!

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Chefs hats, I wanna see what they cookin’, hopefully she learned something from Whiskey.

“Oh, I ummm… Well, there’s going to be a party… I mean of course you’re invited of course… We’re going to wear matching hats…”

Therefore, I vote that they wear party hats. :wink:

Also, hearing this line gets me every time, along with Phoebe’s and Whiskey’s. :joy: