Random Battleborn fanart

(NOPE) #141

Ummm, not sure if I should this time. I bugged Deande a lot and Im starting to get back on her good side. I think.

But the urge to complete request is so overpowering. T.T

(Penguin connoisseur.) #142

Demz doesn’t HAVE a “good” side; just a “not killing you” side. Still, i suppose i agree; give her time…

(NOPE) #143

Also as it is my thread I’ll decide when it is derailed beyond fixing. So far you are just fine.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #144

Awesome! Thanks!

Gives Toby an internal mind-finger, knowing that he can’t return the gesture with his flippers.


(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #145

Oh would you look at that
It’s time to write an assassination schedule

(NOPE) #146

I just made it off Toby’s…I think…please don’t add me on yours now. T.T

(Penguin connoisseur.) #147

(You we’re never on there, Kit! I-I like you! YOU’RE MY FRIEND!! Right…?)

(NOPE) #148

I could have sworn though with how many times I called you cute and a penguin…YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND. Yes, I was never on your list. <.<

Yes we are friends! Although I’m not sure if you are a healthy friend, getting me in trouble with Miss Deande like that. But you are fun. ^ ^

(Penguin connoisseur.) #149

(That’s CAM!! I wouldn’t want to get my friends in trouble!)

It WAS me, Kit.

(THANK you! Now let me out so i can-)


(NOPE) #150

Okay, it gets really confusing. :sweat: Especially when I don’t have the best memory.

(Deandes in crime) #151

Pshhh. I think I can let you off the hook. After all, I am Miss Deande’s clone and who’s to say that I can’t ‘sabotage’ her assassination list eh? It’s what the Spymistress does best. :smirk:

Just don’t tell her I’ve gone rogue mkay?

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #152

I can read Phoenix…
Why did I not include a permanent self destruct sequence.

How dare you conspire against me.

(NOPE) #153

It was Nova. Nova hijacked her account briefly.

(Deandes in crime) #154

You are mistaken.

That reads:

EDIT: Uhhhhh… Yeah… What Kit said. It was Nova.

You know, you really should take better care of the security around your clones. They’re so easily manipulated. Tsk.

(NOPE) #155

Sentries too.

(Deandes in crime) #156

Oh yeah? Well… uh… You’d be helpless without us!

We do all your work distracting the enemy whilst you swoop in with your fancy little Burst Dash and take all the glory. Do you know how it feels to take all that damage for you whilst you wait in the comfort of the shadows, concealed by your precious invisibility? Do you even credit us for helping you secure kills? No…

Betcha didn’t know that we had feelings too, hmmm? I’m done. I’m fed up of being treated like a pawn. This clone is going on strike. :frowning:

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #157

Who indulged these clones with so much intelligence?!

hmmm…maybe I never did stop to appreciate your consistent sacrifices on the field…wait…no…

You were created to be a pawn, a simple distraction. As long as I can cloak or strike with lethality, I technically do not need you. You are not the source of my EoS.
back to the drawing board!

Begin preparations for The Phoenix-2614 prototype

(The 'Arrogance' Deande) #158

Why do I not believe this?
You two are covering for each other aren’t you?

(NOPE) #159

No, no covering here. We are innocent.

It was Kleese’s idea.

(Deandes in crime) #160

I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that old geezer…