Random character ideas

Got the weirdest idea for two new characters to add. one would be like Krieg but instead of a buzz saw axe he would be wielding a plane engine and propeller but compact to carry easier. He would pull himself across the ground using the engine and propeller chopping up enemies in the way. Use it as a swinging weapon while it’s running. last have it blow air at the enemy while they are dumping Random debris and grenades into the propeller to hit enemies.

The second One I had would convince an enemy to do there dirty work by giving them a backpack full of tnt convince them to run into the enemy and blow them up. the second one would be tossing c4 and the last one would be dropping a device on the ground that’s an implosion device.

So two random characters I’d thought I’d put out there see if anyone had the same idea or a better one something to talk about.

I like both ideas. I could see the second one being a fourth skill tree for Moze, or if they ever added Tiny Tina as a hunter, this could be an ability or tree for her “bomb chump”.

The first one fits very well with CoV type weapons. I almost wonder if a single legendary might be the way to go about it rather than a whole vault hunter?

My “random character idea” for a new vault hunter would be to have a rogue Guardian. Shields and energy weapons (especially electricity/shock) would be prioritized, as would something like flight/superjump or teleport (maybe their class skill?).

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That would be cool when you say shield do you mean like their normal shields or do you mean like somebody holding a riot shield and a gun to the side of it? That would be cool like I think they were called nomads in borderlands two or something like that

My idea is in this thread .
Some other good ideas in there too.