Random crashes in B3 I can't play the game

Hey all.

I keep crashing when I play B3 and I’m tired of it. Can’t even play properly.
I’m really upset that I can’t play a game I bought with all DLCs. It’s been almost a year it came out and still the same problems. I can’t finish a cistern of slaughter !!!
Am I the only one having these crashes ?
Sometimes it’s a game crash with unreal error sending message, sometimes it’s a crash freeze and I have to restart the computer …
I mean that’s not cool to sell a game if the one buying it can’t even play it.
I bought a new pc just for the game and for the crashes to stop. So I stop playing for a few months because my old pc had troubles running the game (it was min requirements so I understand).
But still the same problem.

My specs :
R5 3600 w coolermaster ventirad
Asus x570 P prime
RX580 8go (while waiting to buy a rx5700 xt)
16 go 3200 corsair vengeance
corsair 650w gold +
Got optic fiber for internet so it’s not the problem.
Playing in medium 60 fps 1080p. Disabled vertical sync and windowed mode.
Latest AMD drivers. Bios updated. No apps or programs other than OS’s (win10) running in background. Maybe razer synapse but that’s all.
May I add that B3 is the only game having crashes.

So I’m looking for advices in order to play the game, any advice to play the game more than a few minutes …

Crashes all the time on ps4

I’m not sure what to tell you, I’m running a much older rig than you and I’ve never had my have crash. That’s one thing that I can’t complain about.

I would suggest downloading MSI afterburner and while it run play the game for 20-30 minutes.
Then check the temperatures.

Other than that where do You have Your game? Epic or Steam?
I had tons of crashes on Epic but not a single one since I switched to Steam.

I play on Epic, is it the root of all evil ? xD I’d like to play on steam but can I transfer ? And if so I’ll still be able to play with my friends on epic ?

Sadly You can’t transfer.
I had to buy the game again to have it on Steam (did it when there was -50% off) but let me tell You that it was worth it.

Yes You can play with friends from Epic.

I would say so. All my problems with crashes ended after I changed from Epic to Steam.

You can transfer your character save files and profile. However, you have to re-buy the game on steam. you cannot move a purchased game on epic over to steam without buying it again.

And yes PC crossplay is enabled between steam and epic.

I think I’ve been having similar problems I remember the game would go through phases for me here and there sometimes being playable and sometimes not, it worked for a fair amount around release enough that I managed to complete the game. Then work arounds here and there mostly using old drivers or underclocking got me through the first 2 DLC only just about, I’m also someone who got it on Epic but I’ve never tried it on steam kinda really can’t be asked to have to buy a game again though. My crashes mostly seem to vary a lot sometimes constantly crashing 5ish minutes of game time when I load in to a location for the first time of a session and other times I’ve had full computer freezes and shutdowns in the middle of fights after hours of game time with strange screen effects, dunno if any of this is similar to your scenario but it really is a bummer because I too don’t experience crashes or problems in any other games.