Random crashes with no pattern

I like many people have been getting random crashes back to desk top but they make no sense.

I have a I5 6600k
32 Gig Ram, Windows 10 64 bit
GTX 1080

Windows is up to date,as well as my Graphics card and everything else i can think of including my BIOS. i played this morning for 2 hours no crashes followed by about 10 in the 2 hours after.

Again in the afternoon i played for 3 hours straight and it was stable, i left the game to do something and reloaded only to find now i cant even get into the game because it crashes at seemingly random points.

Is the game just crap? my friend has a similar build and hes not crashed once! its driving me nuts


I tried every fix mentioned online that i could find,

Full screen mode,VSYNC on/off, settings on HI/LO, older Graphics Drivers, clearing the config even as far as closing the Epic launcher after the game loads and try running it in administrator mode.

No change at all, anyone else have any luck?