Random crashing bug, always during heavy action

There’s an insiduous hard-crash bug that strikes at random during heavy fighting. The freeze always leaves the controller vibrating endlessly until the system is powered down. There is something very ugly in the code that handles cryo-freezing and shattering. Very often, the game itself will freeze for a second, and then resume as the frozen enemy shatters. I’m assuming these are related, but of course, they need not be.

I’ll add a complaint about the patching sloppiness in this version of the game, and I would not be surprised if it’s partly to blame: The game has a proper update file in the game folder, but additionally, there is a small patch in the volatile cache. This was added I believe when the Aurelia DLC came out. Regardless, it’s an outdated patching system, and this is the first and only time I’ve seen a permanent-file parch combined with a volatile-cache patch. Sloppy, messy–please clean this up into a single update file.

I think the second file you’re referring to is the hotfix file, which is downloaded when you start the game up. This was introduced in BL2 as a means of speeding up the deployment of relatively simple fixes, since it did not need to go through the whole certification process with either MS or Sony. As such, it is actually a Good Think™. The only potential downside is that it appears to be possible to rush into a play session before the hotfix is fully applied (even though it loads first), so it may not always be there. There’s also a difference between Compatibility packs (which make sure you can co-op with folks who have DLC content even when you don’t) and actual game updates.

As for the stutter & crash with multiple simultaneous cryo effects - yes, known bug. I’ve only ever had it actually freeze my XBox once - mostly, I just get a few dropped frames. If it’s happening a lot for you even in solo play, it could be possible that your XBox is partially to blame through over-heating (the stuttering is caused by the CPU bottle-necking on the multiple effects being triggered at once). It might be worth just checking that you’re getting good airflow on your box, and that the vents aren’t clogged with fluff.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, the hotfixes are a third patch. Here is the list of them:

(1) Large update file, visible in game directory - permanent
(2) Small system-cache patch - semi-permanent, until cache corrupts or is cleared by user [or more than a handful of other games use the cache for patches, blowing away older ones–forgot about this]
(3) Hotfixes - On-the-fly patch at runtime - transient, limited to game session only

I understand the realities behind the hotfixes. However, it’s the first time I experience a permanent patch in conjunction with a cache patch. I believe they both require certification, and one is a newer/better system (patch file in directory) while the other is the outdated, size-limited, original method (cache).

Thanks for verifying that the (ironic) cryo freezing is a known bug. That at least sets my mind at ease about what GBX knows. As for blaming the hardware, this is popular, but very seldom true. It’s an effective way to deflect blame, since the user can’t prove that it isn’t so, and he is usually not tech-savvy. I am. My system is not overheating; and if it were, it would fail at completely random times, within any game or application. I had 2 RRoD’s on Xenon/Zephyr designs. The first failure was a slow one, where the system would freeze after about 10 minutes of use, regardless of which game I was running, or what I was doing in it. My current Jasper unit, with 65-nm CPU and GPU, uses 100 watts less than those, and it runs much cooler.

Sorry if it seemed II was trying to deflect blame - I wasn’t. It’s just that it can be an issue when the system is being pushed to the limits by the game, which seems to be particularly common with multiple cryo effects. As I said, I’ve only had one freeze on my 360, but have experienced stuttering when co-op with a friend: Aurelia’s skill tree really pushes cryo, and with two of you using it in a mob with cryo barrels around the place, it can get pretty hairy. Not sure what specific model my XBox is (actually my sons…), but it’s the one that shipped with the 160GB external HD.

I was a bit frustrated when I posted last, but that had nothing to do with your post, which was quite helpful. I can see that they are pushing the hardware, but there is also some bottlenecking and lack of optimization in the mix.

After I posted before, I went back and played the rest of the day with Claptrap without any hangs at all. I now think the spike in crashes comes from Nisha’s special and cryo combined. There is so much rapid shooting of multiple enemies that it gets overloaded and gives up. Note to self: no more Fridgia + Showdown. :frowning: I had to make no less than 3 runs at the Bosun from the fast travel because of this. The last hang happened just yards away from his elevator. GRR!

Edit: The Jasper is the one and only chipset to get in the older Fat systems. Even the Falcon (65-nm CPU, 90-nm GPU) is prone to eventual failure by heat, since the AMD GPU is the greater culprit. A Jasper unit can be identified by its smaller power brick, which cannot be plugged into the older designs. The newer Slims, codenamed Valhalla, use a 45-nm fabrication process, combine GPU, CPU and some memory on a single chip, and they just loaf along. They could probably run without a fan in a cool room, and could be clocked much faster (which would kill compatibility, of course).

Found a link, if you get into techie reading.

That would be immensely frustrating, and you’re right - showdown can throw a lot out in a hurry. And the new consoles haven’t been out that long, but developers are already pushing them to the limits. I was reading the other day how one major title is backing away from max resolution/60 FPS simply because the hardware couldn’t keep up with everything else they were trying to do in the next version of the game. :open_mouth: