Random disconnect for Battleborn (steam edition)

Just happened again, random disconnect, and can not reconnect.
This happens twice a week, Why?

Steam will be down randomly for maintenance atm.

Not random at all. Steam weekly maintenance

Hah - double ninjad by Misguided & mediumvillain :heart:

I´m not on Steam, but I heard Steam has a server reset/weekly maintenance - could that be it?
Just that many similar topics pop up weekly because steam-maintenance causes disconnects.

Yup, we’re ALL down.

Yup steam goes down every Tuesday around this time

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Steam IT guys love doing maintenance at whim during tuesdays(usually) at primetime unlike most places who do there’s during the day or late at night.

At least it only lasts like 2 minutes which leads me to believe that the only “maintenance” that they do is hit the restart button on the server to give it a fresh boot heh.

It’s Tuesday, **

Steam Tuesday