Random Disconnects?

Whenever I play any game, around the time of the character selection, I get disconnected saying that my connection was lost, even though my connection to everything else is fine. This has only happened post alani, and if I restart my computer, I’m able to play a game 100% insured I won’t disconnect, but after that it’s pretty much guaranteed.


I have the exact same problem. I already made a ticket a few weeks ago, stating my problem. After going through the usual stuff (opening ports, deactivating antivirus software, firewall etc) i couldnt get it to work. A reinstall actually worked, but only for around 3 hours of playtime, then it started happening again. Support couldnt help me anymore.

I looked up several threads on different forums and no solution in sight.
If there wont come up any more help from the devs, they lost another player for good.

I’ve been looking around for some solutions, so do you have hamachi installed?