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Sorry if all this is known; I haven’t seen it mentioned before and I’m not much of a Gamma Burst user.

  1. Did anyone notice that the Gamma Burst anointment does NOT work with a (Redundant) Face-Puncher?
    I’m toying with a Gamma/Melee build and thought I was lucky to run into a Gamma Burst anointed Redundant Face-Puncher BUT when I tested the weapon out, I didn’t seem to get the bonus Radiation dmg when GB is active. Is this a known issue? Are there other Fl4k anointments that don’t work on certain guns/items?

  2. Are you tired of your Spiderant rushing to its death during the Wotan fight? If you answered yes, consider using Gamma Burst to make it seppuku-proof. Accidentally ran into a nifty interaction during my Wotan farm when I used Gamma Burst to teleport my Spiderant Scorcher into Wotan’s death zone thing, to my surprise I saw Wotan’s shield immediately begin to melt away.
    I was confused but I think I figured out what was going on. I had a Red F4ng mod on which gave me +1 point in He Bites!, the skill that reflects some damage back to the enemy. When I teleported my Spiderant into the Pet Death Zone with Gamma Burst it prevented her from dying instantly like she’d do without GB, and because of “He BItes” all that damage that she was tanking due to the red-shocky field thing at Wotan’s feet, she was reflecting a bunch of that damage back at Wotan and thus easily melting his shields!
    Again, it might be a known interaction/strategy or w.e, but It’s the first time I experience it, and never heard anyone speak of it, so I thought it’d be cool to share in case anyone else reads this and also never knew that was a thing.


oh damn that Wotan damage reflection is actually amazing!

With certain enemies doing M10 damage I wonder if it’s worth investing more than one point in He Bites. Probably not since it only gives 15% damage reflection but…hm.

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He Bites is considered pet damage and actually receives it’s Mayhem scaling. I’m not entirely sure the formula though. I believe it to be reflected base damage × 1.5 Gamma Radiation × pet Mayhem scaling without getting too specific. I know that the Gamma Radiation scales as well so it sort of double dips.

If you get all of the stars to line up you can skip some vulnerability phases of Anathema. If your pet ia inside the radiation bubble and you are outside while Gamma Burst is active it reflects enough damage from the nova to wipe the next phase.


That’s just about right. I assume you mean to put 1.75 Gamma Radiation but otherwise that is the formula.

He Bites doesn’t get the radiation from Gamma though, last time i checked (which makes the radiation from Gamma terrible compared the damn terror fire anointment, which does apply to He Bites, but w/e). On Mayhem 10,

Reflect Damage x Pet Mayhem Scaling (x21) x Rest of [Applicable] Pet Damage Formula

The reason the Gamma Burst Anointment (and also the Next 2 Mags Anointments) don’t apply to Face-Puncer is because they only work on gun sources, and don’t apply universally to damage (like Shield/Grenade eles and URad working Melee, Action Skills and Grenades). Although Face-Puncher receives gun damage boosts, it is primarily considered melee in this interaction, and therefore won’t receive Gamma Anoint/Next 2 Mags.


I haven’t ever been accused of paying great attention to details. I’m surprised my napkin maths were as close as they were lmao

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If the Radiation did apply to He Bites, you would be looking at:

(Reflect Damage + 75% of Reflect Damage as Rad) x Pet Mayhem Scaling (x21) x Rest of [Applicable] Pet Damage Formula

Since the Radiation is a bonus element and effectively acts as a second base damage… on the attacks it applies to, which aren’t that many, sadly. This is how the Terror Fire anointment should apply though, unless it doesn’t get Mayhem scaling, which is a possibility. @boombumr You might want to play around with the Terror Fire anoint and maxed out He Bites, i know you messed with the anoint before so…

Dang, I never notcied because I always used it with Atomic Aroma or terror, but it doesn’t get Gamma scaling. Now I’m wondering if it would get splash for some strange reason.

EDIT: Logging on now to check

He Bites doesn’t get splash afaik, at least i didn’t notice any major difference when using splash rolls on a build with it. But maybe.

I di know that there is a MASSUVE damage difference between having Gamma active and not with He Bites damage.

I will try to get some clips tonight of the Anathema bit with and without Gamma active.

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The damage itself is the same, the reason the pet can one-tap Anathema phases with He Bites while in Gamma is because it doesn’t get downed. I’ve had a Pet do a good chunk of her health bar in a non-gamma build, but to get that full damage the pet needs to survive, otherwise i think it only reflects the amount of damage it can take before getting downed.

While in Gamma, it will just reflect the full attack back to Anathema, which is likely a very, very large number set to just insta-down anything, so even the 5% reflect from he bites is enough to pop her phases, especially since it gets the mayhem scaling.


Makes sense, when Gamma is down she gets popped like a cherry with negligible damage reflected.