Random FPS drop and stuttering since 2.0 update

(Thalaron86su) #1

Played the 1st 2 missions in HW1RM, how ever during mission 2 just after the 1st triggered Raider attack I began to get massive FPS drops and stuttering, made its pretty much unplayable, had to restart the game to get it to go away. Yes that fixed it temporarily.

My system is well above the Required system spec for this game.

AMD FX 8370 @ 4GHz
8GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD
Sapphire R9-390X Tri-X OC 8GB
Corsair HX1200I PSU

This setup has no issues playing every other game I play maxed out, including Skyrim with 200+ mods, ESO, Star Trek Online, PlanetSide 2, Warframe, Star Citizen, BattleFront etc.

My current ingame settings.

As of posting this I have disabled Raptr, which is known to cause issues in some games from its overlay, how ever the overlay was disabled manually before I started getting this issue.

Anyone else having similar issues ? Post your specs and ingame settings and when it happens, Would be appreciated :).

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(BitVenom) #2

Overlays shouldn’t cause issues any longer (not that somehow one won’t, they’re a curse…). And sure, your machine looks jacked and so should run great. I don’t think you are running low on RAM, GPU resources, etc. So it is likely related to throughput or some sort of cycle timing.

Is there a different with/without VSync?

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(Thalaron86su) #3

I’ll try disabling Vsync, and yes its not a memory issue as when this scours I roughly using 2-3GBs of system memory. its also as if the GPU utilization becomes unstable ? and doesn’t realize its being used in a 3D application, so its going in and out of 2D and 3D mode. May need to open up Trixx to see what my GPU loads are doing when this happens.

(Thalaron86su) #4

I think I may have been right about the GPU utilization issue ingame :/, cause even disabling Vsync the issue still crops up about 30ish mins in, usually After I goto the next mission, happens every time.

Here’s a screenshot showing my GPU loads in Trixx.

(BitVenom) #5

Oddly I have a 290X (you have a 390X, not that different), and I haven’t ever seen this. Is it about 30 mins into the 2nd mission you play - no matter what actual mission # it is that you are playing? Just:

Mission (fine) -> Mission (fine until 30 mins in, then choppy)?

(Thalaron86su) #6

Yes, the mission doesn’t seem to matter, I actually just had it happen again, this time though it was before I loaded up to the next mission, mission 4 in this case. It occurred Just after I had captured all the Ion array frigates and corvettes, just before the carrier starts its run on the mothership.

Again the GPU became unstable and the load % was speratic, and if I move the camera around the FPS plummets to 9FPS from 60FPS until I stop. This is the Only game this has ever happened with.

I’m going to now disable Fraps and see if that’s causing an issue.

(BitVenom) #7

The random thrashing of GPU load is REALLY odd. It feels like maybe something to report to ATI - as I haven’t ever seen it, and honestly, this game just isn’t GPU-bound often, it is almost always bound at the CPU level.

Is there some chance it is about how long you are playing? Like, you can just not play or pause, and it occurs after roughly the same amount of time?

(Thalaron86su) #8

It appears at roughly the same time, with in 45ish minutes, and I recently updated to the latest drivers about 2 weeks ago. An I don’t think it matters how long I have played since I have to close and restart the game entirely to get the issue to go away, then after some time playing the issue crops up again and I have to close the game again.

I’ll contact AMD about this as well and see what they have to say, maybe there do something on there end driver wise to optimize them better ?

Also even if I pause the game the stuttering is still there :/, and even if I alt+tab out the issue persists.

(Thalaron86su) #9

Something I didn’t realize till literally just after posting my last post was, what if there Is a memory leak, but its Vram related o.O’ cause as of posting this I am using around 1.9GBs of Vram at 1080p with maxed out settings minus, AA, Motion Blur, and Vsync.

Usually AA uses a Ton of Vram, but I have it completely disabled in and out of game.

(BitVenom) #10

But, you have an 8GB card, right?

(Thalaron86su) #11

Yes I do, but if the memory leak is so bad that it fills the card with unloaded texture data and it hits the vram cap then you get massive stuttering and in some cases a crash of either the game or pc.

How ever, I Might have found the culprit, Fraps actually o.o’. just did a game for over an hour on mission 5 with no issues.

Will keep this thread updated if I get something to come up later.

(BitVenom) #12

Weird - maybe fraps was shadow-recording the game and causing the memory issues?

(Thalaron86su) #13

Nah, you have to manually set it to Rec, and that button is on the far right of my KB in the Num Pad area :/. I think there Overlay was causing it.

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(Skeeteruk) #14

Presuming you have a steam copy if so and you still want a fps counter, steam has one you can turn on.

(Thalaron86su) #15

I am using the steam version :D.

(Thalaron86su) #16

So far it looks at though Fraps Is the cause of the random stuttering, though I am not sure why it is. Will have to test it again with Fraps runing in the background to see what its doing in task manager. but other then that Fraps is the only thing so far that when disabled the game runs fine o.O’.

(Eroxrodriguez197) #17

Hi there. Equal issue here too.

Have newest driver.
Radeon R9 280X 3GB Ram
AMD 8 core 4 GhZ, 8 GB RAM
Samsung ssd pro 840

The First 10-20 minutes are ok.
I start with something ober 100 FPS.

At least it drops to 5 FPS.

And this always happens wenn more and more Ships are build and 8 player game against CPU.

I feel my GPU dont get any instructions to power.
I check it by GPU Z, not over about 30%.

I test other game. İt directly goes to 99% as it have to.

İm very upset that it seems there is no solution.

I tried many different bugfixing. Even gearbox official instructions on the website.

İt a good game only of the mods.

I dont know is there a refund possibility?
Or a master solution?