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I’ve been playing this game for a long time but still every now and then the game surprises me. I thought I’d make a topic where people can post some random tidbits of weird information they’ve encountered during their games. The ones I ran into yesterday are

  1. Peter Zaford aka Bagman in Holy Spirits during the Clan war questline is considered a Hyperion engineer. I was going through that mission and the “paingineering” BAR challenge popped up when I killed him. Made me chuckle a bit.

  2. Also during the Clan war questline you are asked to burn down Hodunk trailers the the Dust. The unique “Burning Hodunk” enemies that come out of the trailers after you blow them up are actually considered badasses despite them not being very tough in any way. I went into FFYL and one of them burned down on their own and “badass bingo” BAR challenge popped up.

I wonder what the Hodunk Pyrotech is considered.

Do you have any weird random facts to share? Post right up!

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Random Information TPS Edition

I was busy for a few days playing TPS for the first time ever. Not much going on here, it seems. I got another one, however. Since I killed Bagman and he dropped me the Pot O’ Gold for the first time ever I decided to keep it as sort of a trophy. I just realized it’s a bandit shield.

From the top of my head I think every bandit shield in the game is a maylay shield which means that Pot O’ Gold is actually the only bandit shield in the game that is not a maylay type. Or is there some other exception?

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Your correct on the pot o gold.

I learnt yesterday krieg can get the mag size of the infinity to 5 or 6, maybe more with the mag size(unending) prefix.


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lemme guess, he was asking to dupe the Pot o’ Gold?


Let’s get back on topic, yes?

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Ok, how 'bout this:

All the computer screens in WEP show system information of “Das Boot” either an old movie or a reference to beerfest.


I never noticed that.

Since it’s totally random information this is for, here’s another.

Potential enemies that are currently friendly flinch a bit if you shoot them. This doesn’t happen with other friendly NPCs. Example’s of these NPCs that I mean are Zafords/Hodunks after the shootout (probably before too but didn’t notice it then) or Mal (at least after fighting him). The greeter bot at WEP also flinches even though he is never aggressive so I guess it has to do with using enemy models for them or something.

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Have you ever noticed that if you stand close to the slag pools they sound almost exactly like the Flood from Halo?

I noticed this while standing next to the pool by Hunter Hellquist

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Yep, I’ve harvested it before on one of my bandit allegiance playthroughs. Shame it’s not a very good shield though… doesn’t even drop that much cash (typically Irish in that I suppose!)

I love the small details in Bl2 as well. Among my favourites… Krieg has a hair comb in his back pocket?? You can see it if you don’t have a class mod equipped.

Also, I discovered the other day, if you go back to Tundra Express after Mordecai has returned to Sanctuary, he will be back in Tundra sniping for you, and will have an exclamation mark for you to pick up missions even though he’s out of reach in his observatory.

And this will seem painfully amateur given it took me c2000 hours to notice, but it was a fantastic revelation when I realised that the people you fight equip the same guns from your loot pool!

Some extra details I wish for (just because I’m so involved in the world of Pandora…). I wish when you go from Phaselock to Thoughtlock Maya and her enemies gave different voice lines. I’d also love it if, when you’re taking Matchstick to his fiery end, you could see yourself carrying him in-menu.

And I wish that enemies had unique lines in response to Gaige and Krieg like they do for the main characters (like a Bandit will cry ‘get rid of the magic chick!’). I think there could be some hilarious lines when they meet those two.

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Like, a bandit might have a Torgue spitter or a heavy goliath might have two vladof launchers. I think in Borderlands 1 they often dropped what they were carrying for you to claim


I never noticed this before so in case someone else also didn’t know:

there’s a unique named NPC in Flamerock Refuge called Deeejay. He’s not really special or anything, but he’s wearing 3D glasses and has a couple of unique lines he says if you talk to him.


I guess it’s okay to res this as it’s not that old and I’ve got a couple of new ones.

Earlier I wondered what challenge the Pyrotech counts for and as it happens last time I killed him I got a notification for killing bandits. Nothing special here. Also Zeds patient when you first meet him counts towards melee kills and I think also Paingineering as he does count as a kill.

For something a bit different did you know that if you reach the gate in Mines of Avarice before Claptrap does his comment for opening the door triggers and he just instantly teleports to the door after that to open it for you instead of rolling all the way up before you can talk to him.

And another one. You know those pots you can shoot for ammo in Dragon Keep DLC? They can spawn crystallisk crystals when they break. I’ve spent a fair time with this game and in this DLC but today was the first time I’ve seen that happen.

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Glad to know it’s not just me- thought I was imagining things there for a bit. I tend to see it most often in the Winged Storm though…


Happened to me in Hatred’s Shadow so I guess it’s not tied to the area.

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crystallisk crystals?

i would assume if they dropped anything like that they would drop the blue skeleton bone things

but crystallisk crystals? huuuuuuuuhhhhhh


Surprised me too. But yes, crystals it was. Looks like @Carlton_Slayer has shared the experience.