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The big bar at the top of the screen is common to every boss in game: Wilhelm has it but he’s not a flesh enemy; in fact someone reported seeing a small yellow bar over him before the big red one appearing.
Same for Pete: he sure isn’t weak to fire damage.

They should have made the bosses’ health bar of a different colour, in fact; it’s probably just a tradition keeping it red.


A FotF that damages the stinging cactus whilst playing as Krieg with Elemental Empathy lets the damage dealt from the cactus heal you.

I think. I’ve certainly been shocked after visiting Lee and getting healed on the way out with never touching a health vial!


I’ve actually used the cactuses to pre-stack Bloodlust too. Just cuz


I recently made a thread and shared videos about this but for anyone who missed it: If Phaselock picks up a Witch Doctor after Sub-Sequence, it will hold the WD for the full duration instead of only for a second as it does if you PL a WD directly.

Aso, if you’re playing with multiple Mayas, if your Sub-Sequence tries to pick up an enemy who is being held by another Phaelock, your cooldown will be instantly refunded! Multiple SS Mayas literally equals infinite Phaselocks.

This is why you should play as Maya!


Apparently you can pick up money whilst in FFYL!

Also if the FotF is going off during FFYL it continues firing novas while it does the death animation which can kill enemies! (I killed midgemong this way!)


Hate to double post but I just learned something new!

When you have an enemy under Thoughtlock you can’t proc Cloud Kill on them!

If you catch a wild pixie in The Forest you can’t kill them, not even by accident or for second winds…

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Skeletons in the Dragon Keep DLC take most damage from Explosive damage, followed by Shock, then Corrosive, then Fire. Hallowed Hollow Skeletons take damage equally from all elements except fire, which does much less.


Since I just posted this in another thread then got a notification leading me here -

If you’re wearing a Love Thumper (Depleted, of course) and fire barrels from a Barrel Technical, the explosive nova from the LT will proc for some reason! But that’s not even the best part, it can destroy your vehicle x’D

Another funny thing about the barrels, if you have a Grog Nozzle equipped (in your hand) sometimes the drunk effect will apply to a vehicle weapon, and this seems to happen periodically rather than randomly, most noticeable with the barrels where you can throw six at once when the drunk effect procs!


Isn’t it sawblades that are counted as melee? I’m fairly sure it doesn’t happen with barrels (though I could be wrong, of course).

That drunk barrel shot… It’s been years since I’ve seen it last. I need to play with that the next time I start BL2.

Beat you on the LT!

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Whilst you can Thoughlock Hunter Hellquist he prefers to attack whatever he can see and will go after the player until the bots land!


Since it’s not been mentioned yet: you can kill Zer0’s decoy. Or get it killed, to be precise.

If you throw it near the entrance to Holy spirits it just drops dead. In Tundra express you can throw it so the train runs over it. There’s probably more but those are the only 2 that I know of.

Also something I found out some time ago. Usually the decoy does not fall (if you throw it in the air, it stays in the air). How ever throwing it down certain sloped edges make it fall down into pits. I’ve never actually watched if I could make it hit a deathwall and see if it dies again.

Another random idea to try: throwing the decoy outside area boundaries (the ones with the turrets politely suggesting you to turn around) to see if it gets killed by them.


I wonder if it counts towards the ‘Kill Yourself’ mission if you throw it off the cliff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah - new random info too: When thoughlocked an enemy can be shot but damage from the Bee doesn’t apply!

Ugh yes I did mean Sawblade, it’s actually been a while since I did it haha.

And i was beaten to it anyway, I scrolled up for a while too lol, should’ve used the search haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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Found another one of those off-the-map dook huts (although I’m quite sure some of you have already found it!) It’s up a small cliff from the camp in Three Horns where you pick up the thing from the dead Hyperion bot so Angel can hack the Catch-a-Ride:


I found that same one a while back.

It was after I was wondering where the heck I picked up a level 11 gun from and that hut seemed to have level 11 loot on NVHM so I assumed you meant that one (I hadn’t been there before though).

Speaking of that, I still don’t know where the other hut with level 11 gear is that I’ve supposedly raided in the past :slight_smile:

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Not 100% on this but that could possibly be in The Drydocks, where ‘The Iceman Cometh’ mission takes place. If you go early before said mission is available, the enemies and the loot will be overleveled.
As i say though, I’m not 100%

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It’s not that one. I just picked up a level 11 gun earlier somewhere that I noticed I had when I entered Sanctuary which usually makes me level 8 or 9. I just did the compulsory stuff, no extra adventures. There’s apparently some dook hut with overleveled gear that I’ve gone to but I don’t know which one it is myself and I couldn’t find one when I searched for it except that one just posted by Vaulthunter101 but I had never been there before.

Was already aware of the one found by @VaultHunter101 but another apart from Drydocks I’ve yet to come across.

I’m definitely intrigued by this, might have to fetch a new mule and go on safari :smile:

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