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("The first rule of Fight Club...") #767

Since I’ve been on the Peak a lot lately, I wanted to add a vid of this discovery:

(Trahurn) #768

Things like that are conceptually cool, but wasted on someone like me. In fact, they detract from my overall assessment of the game. I didn’t even notice reflections in Opportunity’s windows, so dynamic reflections would annoy me for “needlessly” increasing system resource consumption.

(Is this thing on?) #769

I would imagine you probably wouldn’t notice them initially - it would just seem like “normal” and your attention would almost certainly be in the action in the game. But, in those moments when a player simply stops to look around, the effect of such things on atmosphere and immersion can be significant.

(Ratio Tile) #770

Increasing reload speed does not simply speed up the reload animation for your weapon, it sometimes changes the animation itself. For example, reloading a Dahl SMG without any bonuses to reload speed will have your character tap the magazine into place after inserting it. With sufficient reload speed buffs, your character skips the tap.

Not sure if it affects all weapon types though.

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I knew that you could activate Get Some with Sal or Moxxi heal by shooting the Jack cutouts on the peak (as per @Sun_Tsunami’s earlier post, and @Jefe pointed it out in the Deputy Sal thread) , or even where they were after they were destroyed, but today I discovered that you can stack anarchy for Gaige by doing that too. That was news to me. It’s not a terrible way to build up stacks after a Discord loop.


What?! That’s neat! I actually tried a few things like stacking Bloodlust on the cutouts’ rubble pile ( didn’t work ) but never occurred to me to try that. I presume it’s the same principal as the test dummy. Yellow crates might work too - they can also be used for healing.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #773

I tried it during a failed attempt at unlocking OP3 with Exit,GaigeLeft today. I burned some stacks Discord looping to drop a surveyor, thought about Get Some and wondered, so I pulled out my trusty Tidal Wave to see if I could get a few back. It worked, and I said to myself “There’s a thread just for this sort of thing.”

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #774

Yes the ammo crates works for anarchy stacking.


Is that Sanctuary? One of those roofs you saw in there looks like one of the Sanctuary roofs and the only place I can think of that has similar pool(s) in it is Sanctuary. Maybe it’s got a visual they made for Sanctuary and just thought no one noticed if they slapped it on somewhere with kind of similar roofs.

(Carlton Slayer) #776

On Digistruct Peak if you fight the dual Scorches near their spawn point and kill one of them, the other can leap back over the gate that leads to the next area when you’re in FFL (quite a dastardly move IISSM), which Ultimate Krieeg!! found out first hand yesterday…

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #777

You don’t have to finish the Bane quest to farm McNally.

(Carlton Slayer) #778

Axton’s Nuke turret can set fire to the tokens in Frostburn Canyon…


…as does Kunai!

I wonder if Helios works :thinking:

Edit : the Florentine makes Claptrap look like Agent Smith when you shoot him. It doesn’t seem to work on any other NPC ( which might have something to do with the fact that he’s the only NPC that you can walk through ) :

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #780

I’d guess any fire damage would

(Is this thing on?) #781

Just got more “Pull the Pin” advanced using a fire plasma caster (on Krieg, if it matters). I did not realise that was possible. Unless it was Flame of the Firehawk nova damage?

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #782

Do plasma casters get buffed by Axton’s grenade boosts? If they do it’s only a short step to their kills counting for that challenge.

(Is this thing on?) #783

Hopefully @Piemanlee or someone will know.

Just heard in Sanctuary: “I can’t believe I’m missing an episode of Constable What for this!” Why have I never heard this line before?


Yes. Also can be used for towards Medical Mystery :stuck_out_tongue:

(Is this thing on?) #785

Except when the burn DoT gets the bandits first… :fire:

(Carlton Slayer) #786

If Axton has Mag Lock and he throws his turret at the shield of an ION loader, not only will it stick to the shield but remain suspended in air when the shield drops…