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(Guajiro Pandoreño) #787

Nice! I’ll have to play with that to see if there’s any strategic advantage to this. If you have Phalanx, I take it the shield makes more of a full sphere?

The Devastator (maybe other pistols?) reload plug has an awkward Torgue logo artifact on it (probably from using a segment of Devastator skin on it).

(1sirus2) #788

Ashamed to say I discovered this, but if you enter into the Windshear Waste from Southern Shelf and then are promptly killed by Knuckledragger(or maybe his monglet backup if you’re having a really bad day) you will respawn all the way back to behind claptraps place where you spawn when starting a new character, despite there being no New-U anywhere in sight.
Going anywhere near the fast travel will of course make you respawn there instead.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #789

Ha! That’s awkward to figure out the hard way.

I think Cursed Pirates are supposed to start with like half health or something, so if they land a hit before you kill them, they become way more threatening pre-UVHM. In UVHM it doesn’t matter, since they regenerate health once they spawn so they’re generally full if not filling up by the time you encounter them.


There’s not a real New-U there but having toyed around with something that shall not be mentioned by name on the forums I know that there is a default fast travel where you start that get’s “unchecked” from your unlocked fast travel list once you open the real fast travel for the area.

I never figured out this weird glitch where you sometimes just spawn there for no good reason even if you left your character completely elsewhere. That’s happened to me quite a few times.

(Best in Funk's collection) #791

Savage Lee can spawn before you get to Sanctuary, at least by the fast travel machine.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #792

Shooting a blue shock barrel with Krieg while specced into Elemental Elation will gain stacks!

(Carlton Slayer) #793

In Control Core Angel you can destroy the eridium tubes with grenades. Also, if the level difference is high enough you can use a fire grenade to kill loaders (level 35 Firestorm vs level 20ish plus loaders).

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #794

I don’t think you even really need an overleveled grenade in NVHM. Doesn’t incendiary still do like 80% damage to armored enemies in Normal?

(Carlton Slayer) #795

If you have very careful aim you can actually block the laser that the constructors shoot at you with the fire from your own weapon (an Infinity was used in this case- not sure what would happen if you had to stop to reload).


You what now o_O ? Like, you shoot the laser and it’ll stop hitting you even if you are standing in the open?

(Carlton Slayer) #797

Well, more like firing from behind cover but yeah- I managed to shoot the laser from the constructor in the Doc Mercy area with a corrosive Infinity. It might be the firing pattern of the Infinity but UK!! totally managed to keep from getting hit by it. Seemed like it actually blocked the laser by shooting it down, kind of like you can shoot down the constructor’s rockets…


Sometimes when you are peeking from behind cover it looks like the laser should definitely hit you, like it’s coming right at you while you are standing still, but it still somehow gets caught into the wall you are not quite so much behind. I’m fairly sure that’s what’s happening here.

(Carlton Slayer) #799

I think a test may be in order- the constructors on Bunker Hill and the Info Stockade come to mind :wink: Edit: test conducted- you were right- but at least I got an on level Hive out of the experience :+1:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #800

There is a spot right where I’m standing on this pipeline in Arid Nexus Badlands where you pick up slag. If you jump over this spot: no slag. If you walk around the far side of this spot: no slag. If you stand in this spot, the slag will wear off until you walk a distance away and walk back. :blconfused:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #801

This is based on my experience and not confirmed.

If you walk horizontally on the square spike traps in murdelin’s temple it will not trigger. It will only trigger if you walk diagonally to it.

(Mcore) #802

When doing the mission “this just in” I got hunter hellquist to spawn twice. Before going upstairs I threw somelongbow quads at him to aggro him so he would jump down, I killed him and took the elevator, opened his door and there was a second one! Might have been useful to know this before they made the treants drop the bee…


That’s mentioned in the wiki too. I’ve never tried it myself. It’s not too helpful though, since according to wiki that only works during the mission and not on further farming runs.

(Mcore) #804

You would just kill them both and if no bee just dashboard out, or read only farm on PC.

Also apologies if it’s on a wiki. Thought it was strange and had never seen it before. (I’ve always skipped this mission.)


No need to apologize at all! I just thought I’ve read this before and realized it’s in the wiki. Probably a lot of people who haven’t read it there or have forgotten it.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #806

Noticed that the vending machines in Liars Berg (on the way to Flynt) share the same buyback items. I sold a load of stuff to the health machine about halfway up, and you can buy that stuff back from the ammo machine just before Flynt. Is this how they all are? I never noticed if so.