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(Rumplebunny) #807

Yup as long as they’re on the same map, it’ll be safe. :slight_smile:


Nice. I never noticed that. I don’t usually ever go to the buyback menu unless I make a missclick at the selling screen which one tends to notice while at the same machine.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #809

Yeah I guess I just never noticed either before now, just accidentally sold my shotgun so went to the buyback and noticed all the crap was there :slight_smile:

(Carlton Slayer) #810

Also, you have to do it before the timer runs out- otherwise your stuff is gone forever…

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #811

That. I didn’t knew.

(TX383) #812

Here’s something. Definition of “claptrap,” from dictionary.com:

claptrap - Or: clap trap : 1. Casual name for the mouth. 2. The vagina; a … See playgirl for synonyms. 4. American coinage for a brothel . See brothel for synonyms.

(Is this thing on?) #813

You’re missing the most relevant definition of “Claptrap” there… I’d recommend using the OED or Merriam-Webster.


Was it something along the lines of “someone who never shuts up”?

(Is this thing on?) #815

Not quite:

mass noun

  • Absurd or nonsensical talk or ideas.
    ‘such sentiments are just pious claptrap’

Mid 18th century (denoting something designed to elicit applause): from clap + trap.


Looks like I forgot to mention this earlier: if you enter Boombewm area after killing them in the story you can see Boom run towards Big Bertha and mount it. If you try targetting Boom before he climbs on his name is already shown as Big Bertha.

If you fight Wilhelm in the story he climbs out from under the train car alone (or maybe he had one surveyor ready) but if you enter that fight again after he is already out there will be loaders already on the field.

(6EQUJ5 Do you copy?) #817

Friendly reminder. When you have a Sloth and a Pitchfork equipped. Make sure you’re stocked on SR ammo before triggering the “Respect Authority” switch! Good thing I also had a Plasma Caster! :grin:

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #818

Has anyone tested to see how high lvl the pipes in Pete’s arean can spawn? The spiderants and rats

(Carlton Slayer) #819

Level 92-95 if I recall from a very bad Krieg experience there…

(TX383) #820

I’d always thought it meant more like “contraption.” We used it when I was a kid in my family to describe a patched together machine that sorta-maybe worked.

(Is this thing on?) #821

That’s not really the UK meaning. What you’re describing is more Heath Robinson (or his US counterpart whose name eludes me right now.)

(Carlton Slayer) #822

His U.S. counterpart is named in the second paragraph- Rube Goldberg :grin: Another term for such a thing could be ‘jury rigged’, meaning something that is improvised, usually on short notice…

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #823

You can get respawned in a different map upon dying to the Gluttonous Thresher. Starting from the normal Highlands Outwash fast travel you can run past all the enemies until you reach the map change for Highlands Extraction Plant. Go the long way round to fight the Thresher and lose.

Spawn back in at the Outwash. PITA!


Can I ask for some clarification on this? To me it sounds like say you die in Outwash and you respawn in Outwash which is what I’d expect to happen every time?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #825

I think he did not trigger the save point in the constructor nor the one near the Jack Poster. Also maybe Psy did a skip and went to the side door that is open (via grenade jump maybe).

So when he dies in the thresher fight, he spawn back at the start of the map.

(Is this thing on?) #826

From memory, this is also what happens if you decide to go via the Dust route to Hyperion Bridge and come at the thresher the wrong way.