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I skimmed and wasn’t sure if I saw this:

You can switch quests during a quest dialogue by waiting until a “echo switch”(waiting until a new dialogue happens within a different character) by either mashing click on the next desired quest right before the next dialogue ends in multiplayer, or opening menu at the right time and switching during single player. This is especially helpful within long dialogues during the main quests where you cannot switch quests for example activate certain things like “talk to claptrap” after accepting the firehawk quest where you cannot switch the quest before the main dialogue ends after you accept clappys secret stash.

This is pretty neat. But there are still some annoying parts, like when angel does her whole “three hurdles thing”. You cannot mash during a dialogue with the same person talking. it sucks. I know save and quit works(and i use it constantly in single player to cancel dialogue during longer monologues), but in multiplayer its a huge drag for everyone.

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Yeah my mind must be a bit fried as that’s exactly what happened!

I’d come at the Thresher from the other side without touching any other checkpoints since that fight is right by the exit!

Basically you should probably ignore me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks to @Stouty22 for this tidbit. You can kill Tinder twice during the story mission, much like Hunter Hellquist. For Tinder, after looting the train and turning in the mission, just head back down and ring the bells again. Tinder will show up again. and you get to loot the train again.

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So Alistair Hammerlock’s Dad abandoned him on Pandora for a month at age 6 because Alistair used naughty words in public? That’s a bit harsh…

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Dunno if this has been said already, but the sawblade on the technicals count as melee attacks- was wearing a depleted love thumper in one and every time the a sawblade hit an enemy, my car would get an explosive nova from it- dunno if they benefited from roid damage though


Because of that, they can also be used for the Bad Hair Day mission ( as always, credit to @Rumplebunny for that gem ).

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Doing that as a cloud kill maya was a pain, that tip seems really helpful @Rumplebunny, thanks for the find

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And the bullymong fur is auto-picked-up, just like when you’re doing the collect-the-technical-parts bit in the Dust. No need to stop and jump out to grab 'em. :slight_smile:

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For this reason, my Kriegs always drive sawblade technicals… with all his melee bonuses those blades hit HARD.

(Actually, all my characters drive technicals because there is only one vehicle skin worth using: True Turquoise.)

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #836

As Gaige once, with a shock spike shield and Electrical Burn during the Monster Hunter mission, the truck came out and I (on foot) ran for cover, to prevent getting killed by its attacks when I noticed Electrical Burn fire. It took a while to figure out, but one of its sawblades hit me from across the map. As they count as melee, it shocked the truck, which then lit Electrical Burn.

On my bucket list: kill a Bandit Technical by wearing an Impaler and letting it zing me with sawblades. I have a vague recollection of trying it in the past (and not having it work), but I’m down to hit my head on that wall again.


I never even considered this. Thanks.

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Oh eyyyy, I got another random one.

Once again, not sure if its been said (omg so many posts, i searched through it before but i cannot remember), you can totally get to the top floor of the room where you find brick in thousand cuts before the gate opens WITHOUT grenade jumps, and its actually pretty fast.

You go to the generator/computer looking thing in the northwest area thats on a raised platform, right under the second floor above. You can jump on the top of the monitor there, then look north east and run-jump on a pipe going into the wall, then run-jump back above the monitor to a horizontal pipe and then jump up above the fence.

Only adding this here because sometimes the goliaths glitch up there and fight the midgets and delay you… It can suck in UVHM and this really speeds up getting up there without having to take pot shots or grenade jumping. And also you can totally grab that chest

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Did you know you can shoot the constructor from the transit mover?

A bit of useful knowledge I found out while doing the You.Will.Die. (A.Lot.) challenge…

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Can shoot it back from the respawn/road too! :slight_smile:

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Just got to the Highlands in UVHM after getting the beacon from the Gluttonous thresher, and for gits and shiggles checked the Fast Travel by Hyperion Bridge. I noticed that Overlook was already in the menu, so I tried to fast travel there before defending the beacon. Turns out you can. It’s the Stationless Fast Travel. It’s a Pandoran koan.

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I apologize ahead of time for the double post, but question. Has anyone else ever heard Axton call out “Magic Missile” when deploying his turret? I just ran my new Axton through TTAODK, equipped with a MM, and every so often he does it. I’m specced for Gemini and he’s done it for both deployments on occasion.

(Rumplebunny) #843


Along those lines, bandits think a Sub-Sequencing phaselock orb is a grenade and shout out accordingly. :smiley:


Here’s something weird I’ve never noticed before : Savage Lee can help you with Bad Hair Day. So far, three bullymongs that he’s killed have dropped their fur for me to collect. The last one I slagged and weakened for him to finish off :

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I wonder if this works for other missions. Like thoughtlocking Dr Mercy instead of using that horrible blaster

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But you have to kill Doc Mercy to get the Blasster though?