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(Guajiro Pandoreño) #867

The Ambush bonus applied to any damage appears to be indicated by a little trace shaped like an atom :atom_symbol: that goes from blue to red to white as it fades out, along with a few flecks of the sort generated (in much higher quantity) with Backstab.

When Executing an enemy out of Decepti0n, you naturally get it for that strike, but it is available for a moment out of Deception (assuming the enemy is still alive) if you hit them while they’re still staggered. As soon as they shake it off, they’ll see you and the bonus disappears, but still.

Unf0rseen Testing
(Carlton Slayer) #868

Using Torgue guns to kill bullymong while doing The Name Game mission for Sir Hammerlock counts as if you had killed them with a grenade (as he asks you to do). More likely useful in UVHM when grenades may not be as damaging as an UH…

(Rumplebunny) #869

Interesting, I wouldn’t be surprised if that works for any weapon that has splash damage.

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #870

If you find yourself overwhelmed when you’re defending the homing beacon in Overlook, you can climb up the clock tower and snipe. The bots will throw the occasional grenade at you, but they won’t jump up to fight you. Also, if you can ignore Angel’s continual overwrought exhortations, you don’t need to jump down to repair the beacon until all the bots in a wave are dead. And when you do jump down, you can replenish your ammo at the vending machine.

Edit 1: Extended the post to include @TempNight’s reminder below.
Edit 2: Ammo.

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
(Best in Funk's collection) #871

Never even thought about doing this! Itching to try…

(Temp Night) #872

To add to your point, if the beacon dies, the next wave won’t begin until you repair the beacon. Enemies will still spawn if they’re part of the current wave though. I’m actually more irritated that at TVHM and UVHM, the beacon crumples like wet paper and Angel will start yelling at you.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #873

Yeah, I’ve only done that mission a couple of times without the beacon dying, and it was not easy (in fact, I might have been in NVHM or TVHM when I did it). Actually pulling off that mission from that rooftop without the beacon needing repair would be a very impressive feat in UVHM in my yet inexperienced opinion.

I’m sure I’d have to break allegiance for this… maybe give my Thoughtlock Siren a Hornet, corrosive Bitch, corrosive Pimpernel, and a Hive (with a Pandemic grenade)? If Thoughtlock doesn’t distract them from the beacon, maybe regular Phaselock? :grimacing:

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #874

@TempNight: Yeah, I hesitated to put that in there because I figured it was widely known. I’ll add it to the entry just in case. Thanks.

@Adabiviak: That would be a feat. Me, I was up there until Jack started making jokes about me. :slight_smile:

(Rumplebunny) #875

You also don’t need to kill a single bot during the beacon defense. You can just hide or run around like a maniac avoiding constructor missiles and whatnot, and just run for the beacon to fix it when it needs repairing. It’s timed. I found this out during my latest NVHM challenge run when I was trying to avoid gaining XP whenever possible. :smiley: The clock tower sounds like a good hiding spot! During my session, I was mostly hiding under a platform near the beacon (so I could pop out and fix it when needed) but loaders soon started peeking in at me from the front and back of it and forced me out.

(Is this thing on?) #876

Just be warned that surveyors can find you, and loaders can also leap to the rooftops there. If you go into FFYL and can’t second-wind, you’ll be back down at the Catch-a-ride…

(Rumplebunny) #877

I wonder, does Maya’s Restoration skill allow to her heal the beacon by shooting it (since it may technically be an ‘ally’?) I’ve never tried that before. Could be an interesting strategy: hide in the clock tower, taking out whatever pesky surveyors or whatever come buzzing around, and topping off the beacon’s health from a distance until the FT lands.

(Is this thing on?) #878

I know that skill works on Axton’s turret and Deathtrap, so maybe?

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #879

Oh hell yes… also, when Claptrap hacks the turrets leading to Hero’s Pass, will it heal them too? I’d re-spec for that.

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #880

I did the whole quest twice this way, TVHM and UVHM. Maybe loaders can jump up there, but none of them ever did. I found that the elevated position made surveyors a little easier to deal with, too, because they have fewer places to hide as they fly away and regroup.

(Rumplebunny) #881

Enemies can wear amp shields apparently. I know it’s fairly well-known that badass marauders wear nova shields, but some garden-variety scrub bandit was firing an SMG at me the other day and the first rounds in his volleys had that telltale amp shield ‘spark’ when it impacted a surface. I didn’t think to check to see if it drained his shield upon his first shot though. :frowning:

I guess this goes along with the enemies you see sometimes who wear booster shields. They drop boosters but they never pick them up. :smiley:


I’ve had numerous encounters with badass bandits wearing amp shields at Fink’s (like two or three at the same time - keep your head down!) and sometimes in other spots too, so I can say with quite some confidence that my observations are accurate: they don’t get drained. Which makes them very dangerous as they effectively work like a Bee without the damage, capacity, and delay penalties. I made a point of at least tagging those guys regularly with some damage to keep them from having full shields (turning off the amp effect), or (preferably) mowing them down as soon as possible.

I think I’ve said this before, but rats picking them up (and most likely scavengers or LWT loaders too) and dropping them again on death makes them available to the player for picking up. When you do, they recharge your shield even if it’s not a booster shield (as expected, because it works just like that if you switch from a booster shield to something else before picking up one of your own boosters).
Not sure if the rats receive the booster’s effect. I’d guess not, because they store the booster instead of using it - I’ve seen them pick up shields, gain a shield bar and start charging it (i.e. they do use found shields), then drop the shield again on death; but boosters are a kind of item that usually vanishes when used. They might bypass that like the amp drain though, so that’s something to check.
Pete’s bar would probably be the ideal testing ground for this since you can have enemies with booster shields and rats in the same place, and they won’t even attack you initially (for easy observation). The booster shields of course need to be damaged to trigger boosters, but maybe Scorn can do that without alerting them. The small amount of damage it deals to the rat’s shield (making it hard to tell the difference between full and slightly damaged shield after it picks up a booster) can be offset by dropping down from UVHM to Normal Mode. If enemies with booster shields refuse to show up, donning one yourself and dealing self-damage somehow might work too.

A player’s boosters can be stolen too. I don’t think it’s practical to abuse this to direct scavenging enemies due to the inherent randomness of booster shield activation (even when the boosters are the WTF’s IED boosters for some free damage) but the potential is there. This would probably be the best use for that useless thing called Pot O’ Gold though, since the one character who can really benefit from picking up such tiny amounts of money is in another game (Jack the Doppleganger with his skill Money is Power). :wink:

(Rumplebunny) #883

Diving into game mechanics a bit more… clearly human enemies (and NPCs) are equipped with gear generated by the same (or similar) methods as gear the player uses, but I wonder if critter and non-human shields (stalkers, etc) are special case situations. Well, come to think of it I’ve never seen a stalker drop shield boosters so I’ll go ahead and guess their shields are a separate bit of programming. :wink:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #884

…interesting. I’ll see if I can’t get them to pick up a WTF, have it activate on them, then shoot them with something soft so they don’t die, but eat their own WTF booster damage (since the AI is surely not savvy enough to know how to handle that).


I’m fairly sure it would, but I know that Zer0 can melee strike in Deception and not alert them so long as he doesn’t kill the target.

So if you were so inclined, you could run around the bar tapping patrons to see if they’ll drop boosters.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #886

Is it widely known that you can complete the ashes collection portion of Cult Following in another map? I didn’t want to putz about with the Nomad Arsonists and decided to try it over in SS&P. Turns out that bandits make ashes no matter where you find them.