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Well, I for one did not know that, but it certainly makes getting a max level FotFH a bit easier to manage!

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Fink’s Slaughterhouse is apparently called, “Fink’s Slaughter Factory”… never noticed this.


So I did some testing with rats and shields and boosters…
The first two screenshots show an unshielded rat picking up a shield item and gaining a shield bar.

Unfortunately I didn’t get anyone in the bar to spawn with a booster shield, so I decided to wield one myself and let a rat pick up one of my boosters. I found a better testing ground for that than the crowded bar: Boll’s home in Three Horns Divide. After the mission In Memoriam is done, he respawns without his snow skags, and he’s passive until you attack just like the bar patrons. Being a rat he’s able to pick up stuff from the ground.
I went to TVHM Boll and bought some white booster shield at the vending machine next to the Three Horns Divide fast travel station. That one has a booster chance of a whopping 5.8%, so I had to let Boll bust my shield multiple times before I got a booster out of it. Then I tried to keep my crosshairs on him as he rushed to the booster and picked it up.

His shield recharge delay was over, which explains the difference in shield charge levels, but the difference is obviously less than the 25% a booster would refill. Conclusion: They don’t use boosters, they just store them (and drop them on death).
Now, what about boosters dropped by an enemy? I’ve seen that they are slightly different from a player’s boosters in that you can’t pick them up (and consequently they don’t have the cyan beam with its hover effects: symbol at long distance, item card at short distance), so I wanted Boll to have a booster shield and drop them himself.
For that test I reloaded the game until he spawned without a shield, then I gave him that booster shield I used myself in the previous test. I picked up a white TMP along the way so I had something to tickle boosters out of him without killing him instantly (in the end, a nearby shock cactus triggered the booster instead). However, there was a big surprise:

The booster was one I could pick up! It seems stolen shields are handled in a slightly different way from an enemy’s own shield. Anyway, let’s see what happens when Boll picks up that booster:
Again no instant refill, and the loss of shield charge was caused by that cactus (you can see the blue numbers he’s spewing).

Now I need a reliable way to spawn an enemy with its own booster shield so I can test what rats do with those boosters. (Preferably in an environment where I can safely stand in the middle of the battle without being in danger, so I can concentrate on getting good screenshots.) I expect the result to be the same, but as the item beams of boosters from stolen shields demonstrate, you never know until you test it. All my characters have acquired a Hail in NM (by the way, there’s no VH in “Normal Mode” which appears to be the official name as it shows up in the mode selection window in the character selection screen) and TVHM, so the bandit slaughter is unavailable, and Pete’s drunkards didn’t want to spawn with booster shields in the two rounds I walked through. Any suggestions?

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Nice work all around! :+1:

UBA Marauders seem to have them on occasion (or am I nuts)? They get nova and Bee-like shields most of the time, I think, but I think booster shields may be possible. You also want one in the context of rats. If you go to that neck of the woods with Prospector Zeke by Tiny Tina’s place and spin the wheel o’ reinforcements, you’ll need to wade through the first bit of that mob, after which you will be presented with at least four UBA Marauders in the context of any Rats left alive, who might roll a booster shield.

I know I’ve seen enemy Bandits throw boosters from their own shields… just can’t remember if it was a generic or specific one.


The enemy boosters I’ve seen so far have been from badass marauders indeed (with nothing, “super”, or “ultimate” in front of the name depending on mode, but those are the same enemy type anyway). I haven’t been at Tundra Express for a long time, so let’s check if the alarms get me some guaranteed ones …

And you were right, the alarm at the mine does spawn guaranteed badass marauders (4 per run apparently). With the miner rats there are enemies capable of picking up items as well. That’s most of what I need, so thanks! All that’s missing so far is one that has a booster shield (so far, I got 3 novas and 5 Bee-style amps in the two rounds).

As a small distraction I checked out the other two alarms as well. Neither badass marauders nor rats or scavengers at the train station, and the same for the buzzard academy (only with buzzards and badass buzzards replacing the juggernauts and goliath blasters who actually managed to down me - not that they could survive my OP6 weapons, but a TVHM enemy sending a level 72 vault hunter into FFYL is impressive enough).

Anyway, I’ll harass the miners for a while now.

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Dunno if it’s been widely reported, but midgets can jump out of bandit dookie huts and not just midgets named Matchstick. :smiley:

In my 2600+ hours of BL2 I’ve never seen an LLM jump out of one until just now, the poop hut above Boombringer in Sawtooth:

Jump-scared the crap out of me and he put me down lol. But I second winded off him.

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I’ve only ever seen one come out of a Dook Hut before, the same as you show… curious if they coded those differently.

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I also seen one in the dook hut before the bridge going to Brick’s and it somewhat pushed me off the cliff. lol

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That’s the same one that I’ve experienced it with. I’m always scared it’s going to happen again everytime I open it.

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I’ve seen that guy too but the strangest place I’ve seen one pop up was from a commode in Sawtooth Cauldron…

(Rumplebunny) #897

Yeah I’ll be on my guard now! I always thought of dook huts as being ‘safe’ but now I know to be ready heh. :smiley:

Like that one red chest in Frostburn that I’ve read accounts of LLMs jumping out of.

Although this tends to make me believe that dook huts are always fair game on maps with LLMs… the rarity of LLMs and the limited number of dook huts combine to make the event of an LLM popping out of one of them a very rare event.

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They can jump out of any red chest (including the Hyperion versions). I think it’s as you said though: red chests are less common than all the other possible hiding places, so you don’t see an LLM jump out of them as often. I bet you’ll see more LLMs from red chests that are easy to get to simply because they get visited more regularly!


I’ve seen midgets pop out of the dook huts in Sawtooth and maybe Thousand cuts, and red chests in Frostburn as well (the one above the fast travel and the one on top of the pipe).

Never seen them pop out of red chests anywhere else which is kinda weird.


I remember having a discussion about this a few months ago here. I too have not seen midgets come out of them except I have had a feeling it might’ve happened once. Nice to know for sure that it does happen although now I’m curious whether it can happen on all huts or not.

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Midgets gotta go poo like anybody else.


Part 2 of Critical Fail puts you into FFYL.

My trick used to be to take Lost Souls first, get n00bkiller down to a sliver of health, grab the Crit, sprint back to the fight before Tina downs me, then kill n00bkiller for a SW.

Apparently if you just keep the Lost Souls mission open and carry on fighting, you don’t die. Tina said “take, like…a lot of damage” and I didn’t.

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I thought that if you run away from the Crit after you try to pick it up, you don’t take damage if you are far enough away; almost like the damage is an explosion that occurs at the site of the Crit, not damage directly to your character.

So if you ran to the n00bkiller you would be far enough away to take no damage


I’m fairly sure that I’ve been put into FFYL by Tina while still close to n00b - but what you said is certainly possible.


Don’t believe this was mentioned yet. You can complete the entire bar brawl at Pete’s in “stealth,” never triggering the start timer, by using Avenger reloads to kill. This works best with a high-level Avenger (e.g. OP levels) and the brawl set at level 50.

Just be sure not to shoot anyone.


That’s very cool. Just upstream, there was some talk about this kind of thing. I knew that if you melee’d someone from Decepti0n - but didn’t kill them - it wouldn’t trigger the timer.

Paging @3298 - the above post may be of interest.