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(Carlton Slayer) #907

Longbow grenades can take out the 2 shielded turrets in Hero’s Pass while Brick and Mordecai putz around…

(Is this thing on?) #908

Picking up grenade mods can restock your grenade ammo, just like picking up weapons. You get +1 grenade per grenade mod but, if you drop them, they drop empty (so you can’t get infinite grenades from dropping and picking up the same mod.)

Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late
(Guajiro Pandoreño) #909

Yeah, this accounts for half of my rocket launcher ammo.

(Is this thing on?) #910

I knew about the guns and launchers, but it had never occurred to me that the grenade mods did the same thing. Too bad picking up a random shield isn’t the same as picking up a booster!

(Santa Söze) #911

To tag along with VH’s revelation, if you’re holding a mission weapon (i.e. Grog) and your inventory is full you can’t hold down the interact button (E for PC) to swap it.


(replying late due to a busy weekend)

I don’t think it’s going to be that useful for my research. I’m checking enemy shield types by observing the effects, which requires damaging the enemy without killing them, so I need a low-level Avenger to damage them, and a high-level Avenger or a Bee (because the Avenger’s reload effect gets boosted by it) to kill them when they don’t have the booster shield I want to see. I don’t have any Avengers at the moment, and the micromanagement needed for checking the shield type via Avenger-reload damage likely outweighs the benefits of not having aggro anyway.
Thanks for thinking of this though.
By the way, the badass bandits at the mine haven’t been particularly helpful yet. I’ve done quite a few runs, but all they came at me with were lots of amp and nova shields, nothing else. I’m not sure if that’s all they can have, but their heavy preference for these shield types is at least worth noting here, since it makes badass bandits quite dangerous. Especially with that Bee-like behavior of the amp shields - but melee classes won’t be happy with novas either.

(Santa Söze) #913

I was surprised I couldn’t find the answer on the forum to a fairly obvious Gaige question : does Close Enough’s 50% damage penalty affect the Bee’s damage?

So I tested it with a NVHM pistol and an OP8 Bee : yes it does. A direct hit did exactly the damage that was listed on the card ; a ricocheted hit did 50% of that.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #914

I could have sworn this was posted somewhere already. I think the text reads:
water plants daily in high heat
prune all suckers to prevent leeching (horticultural joke)
tie the plants onto a stake for support
liquid fertilizer once weekly at 12-4-10
full sun for best results

(Carlton Slayer) #915

Thanks- I always wondered what those signs read…

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #916

Not all structures can accommodate Axton turret.