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Dying is also a workable strategy. Not that I would know this from first-hand experience of course… (There’s also the New-U down the stairs just before the entrance you go in for the Swallowed Whole mission - triggering that seems to help.)

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Does going into Finks help?

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No, I always go in there to get some gear for a few levels later and I often have to go via Three Horns when going back to do Scooter’s side missions.

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This only started happening to me while leveling up my second iterations of toons, and the only consistent fix for me has been respawns. I tried both transitions, Finks and Three Horns, and neither was even 50/50. Respawns are 100% effective.

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This might be common knowledge and I’ve known this myself for some time, but I was reminded of it last night: if an infighting enemy kill steals your target, the victim can still drop their drops. Seen this a couple times with Savage Lee vs bullymongs, and last night a GOD-liath killed Gettle and he still dropped a Lyuda.

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You know, after reading you detail your exploits with the God-liath goon, I felt like sharing this because I did exactly the same thing 4 days ago, and Mobley dropped a Veruc. I even made a video of me messing around haha

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I was trying to find the dialogue from Matter of Taste…for a thing…
Anyways, came across a couple of amusing suggestions as to where GBX got the names for the fake video games :

  • Triangle Quest 9 : The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The 9th game in the series. In which stealth sections exist. And you get a quest for triangles.

  • Diamond Mercenaries 2 : Far Cry 2, a game in which you play a Mercenary and you get paid in Diamonds OR Vault Hunter = Treasure Adventure Person = Diamond Mercenaries. The 2 is pretty self explanatory OR :

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The ECHO recorders that you have to pick up during Doctor’s Orders actually use a custom Hyperion model, not the standard grey one.

The skags that spawn while fighting Bloodwing stay the same in every playthrough. For example, you get to fight adult skags, which normally wouldn’t appear past normal mode (same with spitter skags, alpha skags, barf skags etc.) even in TVHM and UVHM.

Maliwan weapons (because of their high-tech ammunition) don’t produce shells when fired.

On some of the tables at Moxxi’s Tavern in Sanctuary there are bright paper sheets, which in reality are copies of Roland’s note to Brick.

When you shoot a glass bottle it doesn’t react, but it will produce glass-shattering-like sound, at least.

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If you stand directly in front of the magic cabinet in Marcus’s Mercenary Shop Marcus cannot open it, you have to back up a little to give him room.


Here’s a TPS one that I was supposed to write like a year ago but forgot. Suddenly sprang to my mind.

Before entering HHoH for the first time Jack, Roland and Lilith stand in front of Moxxi’s and run to the fast travel station. Roland and Lilith go on about it regularly but Jack is running like he was in a vacuum.

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He does the same run when he first arrives in Concordia and you have to go get the security claptrap. Which makes more sense since the outer walkways in Concordia are low gravity. So maybe it’s more odd that Roland and Lilith run normally?

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Turns out that Der Monstrositat can be killed as long as it’s in the cage, I never tried before but I got downed trying to jump out, and killed it from FFYL.

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Yeah, I usually take out my frustration with that quest by shooting the thing in the face once the mission objectives are checked off. If it wasn’t for the XP while trying to get to level 72, I probably wouldn’t bother with that mission at all.

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So fighting the Handsome Dragon as melee Krieg is…tiresome at best until I remebered I have a Bee. Fairly normal fight so far but then I get downed by a baby dragon :angry:

Checking my loadout I remember I got a Deliverance drop earlier on (honestly don’t remember where though!) and decided to make use of it given Kriegs dumb mag sizes!

It lasted for AGES (probably known?) and not sure if this is new it did the additional amp damage from the Bee! :smiley: Best fight ever!


I’m not 100 % sure but I think everyone inside concordia moves regularly. Jacks the odd one out.

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This also qualifies as things i found out late, since I rarely used thoughtlock.

The Bee does not work on thoughtlocked enemies.

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I thought it still did the bee damage, just didn’t make that pretty bee shield sound when the bullets hit? I ran TL for a while and it seemed like the bee still did the damage on TL allies.

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This would make some sense if you consider that as far as we know Jack has been in space for an undisclosed period of time in artificial gravity. When you get to the Eye of Helios he runs fast as all get out. It’s the “fresh out of the swimming pool” effect at work.

Do we want to give the developers credit for that level of detail?

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It is confirmed that there is no bee sound. The damage though i am not sure. It feels like it since I have a hard time killing stuff compared to the usual with the bee on.