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Nah, pretty sure it’s just once per playthrough/reset.

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If you enter Zed’s before you get into Roland’s place and the Firehawk mission echo the cutscene will play each time you enter (meaning go from Scooter’s to Zed’s : cutscene ; go to Roland’s then Zed’s : cutscene). If you’re into that kind of thing. I don’t know if the surgery patient is “active” or not though.

If that’s what you meant…

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To be honest this is what I always assumed removed the cutscene, same with Marcus… Seems not though. Heh, learning new stuff even now!


Pretty sure you can get Marcus’ cutscene multiple times too if you go there ahead of the Firehawk mission.

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I saved Marcus’ visit for quite a while in the game once and triggered his cutscene on the return from Control Core Angel.

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Small thing, but you cannot be killed by the loot train in Gingerton. I’ve sped back from the snowman as Axton and stood on the tracks, the train just pushes you along, no damage.

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Interesting random thing I finally took the time to figure out.
The thing - Occasionally when you transition on Claptraps boat to Southern Shelf (side note: How did Clappy get a boat???) you’ll get the first level of the Turrets Syndrome challenge flash across the corner of the screen as you phase in. I always chalked that up to a glitch, possibly related to Cpl. Reese blowing up the bandit car following him.
But on my latest new character I decided to actually think about what was happening.
And it’s pretty simple in the end, and not a glitch.
You earn turret kills when using the Big Bertha cannon after defeating BoomBewm.
However, the Turrets Syndrome challenge is not available at that point in your challenge list.
It’s in the Vehicle list of challenges, and that set is not available until you get to the Southern Shelf, obviously since you can’t get a vehicle earlier than that.
So when you transition to the Southern Shelf, all the turret kills you’ve made with Big Bertha suddenly get added to the new challenge, and you’ll get the level 1 award if you killed enough bandits with that gun.
Mystery solved. Probably been solved in the past too, but I never saw any commentary about it.

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Hammerlock probably gifted it to him to get rid of him.

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Another random thing;
The windmill blades in the Buzzard camp in the dust cannot hurt you.
I spent 15 minutes trying as many as I could reach, trying to wedge myself between a blade and the structures in the area, no damage. If you fit just right you might get pushed a little (like at Bad Maw’s bridge) but no damage.


Yup, wondered about the boat too in that message about the challenge popping up. I got the theory wrong but someone told me what it was about below that message :slight_smile:

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There’s a sign with “Sanctuary” written on it…
but it’s below the ground :thinking:
Found it when I was rocket jumping around the city.

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Yes it does.


I always did that mission on autopilot because it also gets rid of the Tannis cutscene that is for some reason tied to that sidequest. I was really surprised a year or two ago when I realized Zed is going to keep stabbing that guy forever and ever if you don’t do the quest. Or maybe just accept it.

Does the Marcus scene play too if you don’t accept his quests? I’m pretty sure that one is one and done even if you don’t take his quest but I’m unsure now.

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Oh it repeat. Forever and ever. I tried saving it once or twice. Didn’t lasted long.

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yeah, it’s infuriating and there’s a mini game of trying to avoid that trigger when you want to save it for later for higher XP in UVHM…


I never saved it because it’s not that much exp and as far as I can tell those things are always a set % of your EXP (just an assumption) so saving it up vs some other quests is not actually gaining any more exp when weighted against other quests. I’ve never actually looked at the exp values so this might be wrong. There are some quests that give more exp than average and those are the ones that I’d rather save for later completion since they end up being a huge chunk of exp. That being said I honestly can’t remember what they are at this point since it’s been so far since I’ve taken a new character through all the modes.

Sidenote: being able to start at 50 would go a long way for me to have more characters. I have like 10 or less PC after moving in from PS3 (Most characters to OP8 and a couple with a couple with different builds). I just can’t handle the mindless grind that used to be the main part of the game to get to the fun part these days.

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I believe the XP is set relative to the mission level which, in UVHM, is relative to the player level until the quest is accepted. So I think you’re right - there’s not much point in saving the mission since you need progressively more XP per level as you level up anyway.

But I could be wrong, so no doubt some enterprising folks will now go and test all this for science!


One Slappy kill (or choose whatever mini-boss) is worth as much xp as your average mission anyways. So if I’m in UVHM I don’t really consider the xp part of any given side quest.