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Most of the main characters in Sanctuary (Moxxi, Tannis, Hammerlock, Marcus, etc.) disappear when the bombardment starts during the Rising Action mission. Where do they go? Someday I’m going to do that mission with a second player placed at each character to see where they go. I know that some NPC use the fast travel to escape Sanctuary.

Also, Just because a locker is open does not mean it won’t give you something. Clicking on it sometimes causes it close and reopen with something in it.


Yup. Same as BL2.

Also… I assume it’s a well known fact but just cuz I like it.
When you play with MM [EASY] Slayer You can punch Anointed multiple times while they turn to eridium for additional shield & health boosters.





Following up my prior random post regarding trying to figure out where everyone goes during the Rising Action mission, I discovered that when in co-op, all parties have to be present at the shield generator for the core removal . After removing the core and before inserting the new one, Tannis, Moxxie and Hammerlock were gone. Roland was behind the closed door upstairs in the Raiders headquarters, Marcus was still behind his counter and Zed was kneeling down looking at something on the floor in his clinic. Scooter and Lilith were already in the town center after pulling the old core.
I guess we are not supposed to see them just vanish. :laughing:
Thus, the requirement for all players to be present for removal of the old core.
Curses, foiled again.


I do a lot of co-op by myself. Me and my mule. Lol. There are a few points in the game where they forcibly require you to be with your teammate. Second time was the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve mission, when you deal with the boss. There is a way to get your mule closer to the final destination by entering and exiting the Natural Selection Annex. From there, your mule needs to run very fast to get to the final elevator. Not easy with a mule that can be 20 or more levels less than the campaign requires.
To fight Tinder Snowflake, your teammate needs to be present to ring the bell. The fight with Hector in the Commander Lilith DLC will also suck the teammate into the battle. Same with the Leviathan, afaik. When I died to that beast, the mule had to valiantly fight the boss. Another nasty example is the fight against the handsome dragon. You have to drag your mule from one end of the map to the fight. If he is not with you, then he does not make the required checkpoint. Also the Tiny Tina DLC requires all teammates to be present to start a round in Murderlin’s temple.

Overall, however, there are a lot of missions where the game allows you a free pass when you carry a mule. The fight with the Handsome sorcerer can be done with a mule parked near the fast travel station.


I’ve got some new random facts, though a few are a little more narrative in nature instead of being tied to game mechanics.

  • This ferry advertisement can be found in Southern Shelf as well as Three Horns Divide:

As you can see, it’s been vandalized by the Ripper gang, and the ship has two figures with pirate hats on their heads. I like to think that the bigger one is meant to represent Captain Flynt, while the smaller one is Sparky.

  • Since Tannis gained her Phaseshift abilities after Angel died, can we assume that these powers aided her in the construction of Digistruct Peak?

  • This promotional infographic states that stalkers are “extremely territorial. Doesn’t matter if it is you or another type of stalker stumbling into its territory.”

And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s actually true! I’ve seen some spring stalkers attack a few needle and blitz stalkers inside the WEP’s centrifuge room.

  • The Badassaurus boasts a number of machine guns getting ready in its intro cutscene, and its official infographic even states that it’s “virtually covered in them”. Despite this, it never actually uses them in battle.

  • Zer0 seems to have storage deck units under each of his wrists. My guess is that they’re used to digistruct the kunais he throws. Fun fact: they aren’t there anymore in Borderlands 3.

  • Also, the blue trail of Zer0’s sword has circuits in it. I first noticed them in his Borderlands 3 intro, but they’re there in Borderlands 2 as well:

  • Scooter teased the existance of tunnels beneath Sanctuary during the Rising Action main quest (“Shield’s down, Roland! Oh, man, somebody start getting everybody underground.”). We actually got to explore them inside the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC: they correspond to the first section of Paradise Sanctum. Furthermore, judging by the graffiti you can see there, this area seems to have been vandalized by the Bloodshots, which fits pretty nicely with the story of the town.

  • It took me years to notice that there are some skag doodles on the side of every bandit technical (to keep track of roadkills, probably):

  • EXP loaders have a jumping animation, but they only use it when you are the landing spot, and then detonate on impact.
    But how do they leap across pits to avoid falling? Turns out, they fold somewhat like JET loaders and blast off.

I don’t think so. Nothing in the Peak has the “phase-X” feel to it.
It’s all Science not mysticism, all explained with Digistruct technology. The circular digistruct projectors on the ground spawn all the enemies in the Peak, there’s nothing phase-transported.

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I meant it in a more practical way, like maybe she helped herself a little with her new abilities in setting up the place, not like she’s actively using them as we’re playing through.

Either way, it obviously wasn’t the original intention, of course.

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I think many different loader kinds are capable of this pseudo-jet behavior. In a recent Opportunity run, saw a War Loader folding up and blasting off across a gap. Such behavior seems very rare though.


I think that there are some specialized Loaders (like Jet Loaders) who have back or shoulder jets, but all loaders have jets on the bottom of their feet which allow them to hop gaps.
At least that’s what I’ve observed.