Random Item Shop

Lots of random items, have more on mules
Will update as I get more
Lemme know if you need anything specific, I tend to sell a lot of random stuff while farming Graveward
Feel free to add me on epic: FrankieTomatoes

ill take the elemental comm plantoid off your hands

Would love to trade the fire rowans call. What class / items are you looking for?

Would love to trade for that ice breaker and cryo dictator

@daywqalker-ch @asluccarelli3 you guys can just have them, just add me on epic

Do you still have the radiation butcher?

@atomicworms i do!

Is there anything specific you would want for it?

nothing really, you can just have it!

@FrankieTomato I sent a friend request, my name is XenoCactus

I would take the Sniper/Assault Rifle Bloodletter if you were getting rid of it.

@FrankieTomato Thanks

@FrankieTomato friend req sent, same name as this

Hi @FrankieTomato I’d like to take that phasezerker class mod of your hands. Been farming for one but haven’t had much luck so far. I’ve send you an in game invite, username saito282

hey everyone, i havent been able to hop on borderlands cause of work. assuming you still havent found the item my epic is FrankieTomatoes and ill send the item as soon as i get on!

if you still have that cryo dictator added you from epic : mkaya6642

Hey man can I get the engulfing cryo shredifier? I’ll add you on epic I am DarkxKnight101

sorry guys, just for clarification my epic name is “FrankieTomatoes” I’m missing some of your friend req.

added new items

looking for lucian’s call, I have the butcher, infinity pistol, loaded dice artifact, irradiated rowans call, lyuda…

Can I have the Singularity Firestorm?
My epic ID is n00bindenial. I’ll send you a request.