Random Killzones and Dying

This has happened to me four times. I am jumping around, happy as Larry, when all of a sudden, BOOM. I die seemingly out of nowhere. Here are the descriptions of what I was doing.

Tycho’s Ribs-
Using jump pad back from Z8N-TP. Got near a piece of the level, autodeath.

Tycho’s Ribs-
Jumping down from Z8N-TP’s room to the tunnel to the cannon. Autodeath. (I can’t win.)

Jumping on randomly placed level pieces. I land on one. Autodeath. (Arbitrary killzone?)

Triton Flats (The mission with the ECHO recorder from Tycho’s Ribs)-
First, Hanna wasn’t there, so I had to session cycle. Then, I got near her. Autodeath without death animation.

You know, between the glaring bugs, arbitrary killzones and occasional lagspikes, this is a cool game.

the central part of tychos’ ribs is finicky but once you understand where you can and cannot go its simple enough to avoid them.

As for triton flats, the fact that there was no death animation makes me think you probably just got ran over.

I believe its in the subconscious or the area before it. There is a spot where if you boost too high you die, like a invisible roof

I hit that one too. The one in the bad sector?

I think the overdid it. The whole game at times feels like a giant jump puzzle. Being in danger to fall to death is fine from time to time, but in TPS feels just too much.

Yeah I think it is.

I’ve also been smashed so high by Eclipse that I got instakilled. Was like fighting a skyrim giant at lv1, I learned not to boost up on the spot while he does his slam thing on me…