Random Map Generators/Makers

See my other post for an advanced random map maker for Homeworld 2 and Remastered. Also includes instructions on how to use it. MissionBoy SE 1.9 still works on Remastered, as others have pointed out, and that can be found here. Another one, the Lathe of Sajuuk also has been reported to work well with Remastered… These all work on the original homeworld 2, and the Remastered.

They really need to include a decent OEM ‘random’ map option within the game as many strategy games do. Not including one is a big minus for a strategy game. There’s only so many mods and maps you can download, and sometimes you just need a quick fix… hope this helps.

I definitely agree, static maps should have specific purpose and design and be well tested. A dynamic \ random map option would greatly simplify the map selection drop down whilst adding variety. I would be okay with the parameter s being in the level files so that different styles of random maps could be chosen

Generally speaking, the gaming industry has become a profits-driven market. There’s no evidence yet that this is what’s happening here, but typically, not including features, in this case map editors, into strategy games is for several main reasons: 1; they want to sell you an expansion pack that includes the ‘missing features’ or 2; they want to sell you mods and add-ons with more maps. A random map generator would be enough to give the game significant longevity for the vast majority of users (not everyone, but most of your casual users), and this kind of game self-perpetuation and longevity doesn’t jive well with the profit-bottom line. At that point a real expansion would have to have actual game improvements and truly new features, which have to be envisioned, developed, and tested. Not worth it when you can just add ‘features’ to the current platform. (Another case-in-point, first gen iPhones not playing certain media so you still have to buy an iPod, then ‘introducing’ it so you buy the next iPhone, ad infinitum). Again, these are my two cents on the gaming industry as a whole, and there usually are more things at play – perhaps a random map maker is in the works, it could be difficult to implement it into the multiplayer, etc. etc. etc.

As you can see, I’m a tad upset at this missing feature. I’ve only had the game for 2 days, and I’ve already played through the campaigns and vs CPU maps… I don’t have time, interest, or friends who play the MP, so now what? The Remastered team has done a great job with this game, so great in fact, that the missing random maps stand out like a sore thumb.

I’ve written a lot of random maps, and honestly I have to say that individually they are a lot less interesting than my static maps. The same is true when comparing, say, NetHack or ADOM versus Baldur’s Gate 2 or Fallout. Except that roguelikes often also have deeper rules and customization than other RPGs, giving them an advantage sometimes.

However, I also use random functions to fill in shapes like spheres, cubes, spirals and splines. This is a big time saver, and also means you can tweak the map later and not have to place all the individual rocks and clouds all over again. This is the method HW1 used, actually.

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