Random people joining my games

What’s the setting in Xbox that prevents random people from joining. I am confident I have set my Xbox settings to the most restricted settings.

In BL3 Social settings though I set it to open to public. Could this be causing people to join my game? But how are they joining if I didn’t create a game request post in the Achievements section?

This has happened to me twice this week. I didn’t see any negative impact in my game. I thought something was hacking but I figured it must be my game settings.

Open for public means anyone can join your session. Just set it to private if you want to play alone.

But how are they finding my game?

Via matchmaking?

Oh so you are saying someone went to Matchmaking and chose Campaign?

pretty much. When matchmaking you’ll join another players game based on some criteria - typically will be: (not confirmed…just personal thought)
Geographic region (may link to ping)
Character level
Matchmaking selection (campain, takedown, circles of slaughter, proving ground etc).

Other than that, who they join is random.

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Thanks for the clarification.

glad to be of some help.

For reference part of the fun of borderlands is running with others.

I play with others with/without mic and tend to have good experiences.

Most random people who join will blitz story modes.

Also don’t worry about loot if you have cooperation mode set - as everyone gets their own loot.

Only reason I didnt play coop in the first few weeks was to enjoy a solo playthrough at my own pace.

Pause the game and hit Y button. In the top right select the gear (cog) icon and change to invite only.

The reason why it’s set to Open to Public is so that people can join via my Profile when I create a Post in the Achievements section. Unfortunately 100% of the time people complain that they can’t join via my profile. So I’m sure this setting isn’t doing what I thought it would do

If you go into social then matchmaking does it show your online? That’s another way when they click on your profile they won’t be able join of your offline.

I have mine set on open to public and people can join on my name.