Random Questions Regarding Numbers

These are just a few questions I have that I would like to know about the game.

  • What is the base shield recharge delay for characters (How long it takes in seconds before their shield starts to recharge)?

  • Which characters would benefit more from Damage Reduction gear over Max Health gear? In other words, which characters, given Damage Reduction gear, would end up taking a considerable amount of more damage before being taken to 0HP than if they were to be given 280HP? Likewise, stacking Damage Reduction gear v stacking Max Health Gear, which characters would do better with a ~11.2% Damage Reduction as opposed to ~700 Max HP.

  • Are things rounded up/down? The game deals with a lot of percentages, but I was wondering if things are rounded to the nearest whole second/half second or is it exact? i.e -1.4 seconds cooldown reduction will only take 1 second off your cooldown etc.

Those are it for now, particularly interested in an answer for #2.

For sure Kelivn. Once his HP gets up super high max health does less for him compared to damage reduc.

I was told somewhere that it’s 3 seconds for every character. Would be kind of nice for it to show up somewhere on the HUD though (like a small timer next to your shield regen number to tell you how long until your shield begins charging).

Tanks. Only characters with extremely high hp and shield benefit from DR more than Max Health. Keep in mind that Max Health is purely an increase to TTK (time to kill). DR functionally adds to both shield and hp (because it reduces the damage to each; overshield is also improved as well as the amount of damage an alt-shield like Boldur’s can absorb) as well as healing received, hp regen, and shield recharge (those values are all acting against a smaller amount of incoming damage).

If you want some math for it, it takes 5k base hp + shield for 5.6 DR to equate to 280 hp purely for TTK contribution. Kelvin is going to break this easily and Boldur is going to get really close (especially with the overshield helix). It’s important to realize that DR does TTK and a bunch of other stuff.

+Hp is absolutely amazing for low health characters like Alani and Mellka, who both have starting hp of about 1k and end hp of roughly 1400. At level 10, 280 hp is roughly a 20% increase to their TTK. Pretty much nothing is going to beat that.

I believe that damage, hp, and shield are rounded to the nearest integer (whether it’s rounded up or down is questionable but it’s definitely rounded since a low percent increase to a small value would end up with damage numbers either vacillating or displaying inaccurately if it wasn’t rounding) while everything else rounds to the nearest hundredth (since otherwise there wouldn’t be much point to the tiny variations in gear stats).


I believe it’s 5 seconds.