Random Sound Loss and Crashing

I’ve been experiencing it throughout the entire play through, I will randomly fast travel somewhere only to have No Engine Noise from any vehicle (just silence with some backfiring noises). Now it’s increasingly bad in Skittermaw Basin, where in the last half hour with no fast traveling, just hijacking a vehicle, lose engine noise, and weapon noise seems muffled then comes back and goes away again. Now it’s more then the Vehicles that are having an issue, my weapons some have full sound effects, then reload and no sound, and some have firing sound, no reload sound, then sometimes firing sound comes in muffled, and after reload sound it back. Or I’ve had no back round noise or soundtrack, just gun sounds and footsteps. Usually I would quit and reload the game, and if that didn’t work quit from the xbox menu and completely reload the game. I’ve also tried every sound setting with no change, and the increase in how often this is happening, I’m reloading the game, more then I get to play it. Is there a fix to this??? It’s honestly ruining the game for me, I really like the series, but so I was really excited about BL3, but have had nothing but buggy and laggy menu screens, and sound issues. ANNND as I write this with a pause menu on BL3, I went to change menu screens and it completely crashed and turned off my xbox. I honestly wonder how you can feel good about releasing a game with this many problems, and charge people money for them. Does anyone have any of the same issue’s? And has anyone found a solve for them? Or is this something that can be addressed in the “Hotfixes”???


Just another issue on the long list of problems with this game. It usually happens to me when I’m in promethea farming Gigamind.

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I’m on XB 1 and had a variety of sound and crash issues during the Cartels event. Since that went away, so did those issues. Are you online, have the latest patch (last weeks) and are allowing the hotfix to apply? What you described is not an issue I’ve had or read about here but spend some time searching the forum for others who have. You may find others who have it and ideas to address it. And Welcome.

I’ve had the engine sound go missing a few times, but not enough to identify any consistent cause. I periodically do a power reset on my original XB1, and that seems to help things stay running smoothly. I find I’m more likely to have issues if the game has been running for an extended period of time (maybe 4+ hours?) so I always exit completely between sessions rather than using stand-by mode.

The causes of crashing and sound issues are probably more deeply embedded in the code, so a hotfix won’t touch them. A number of specific crashes seem to get addressed each actual update; unfortunately GBX haven’t provided an indication of what specifically they are working to address in terms of future updates.

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I’m on Xbox 1 X, and the Hotfixes are applied and this is playing offline. I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found many with the same issue, and usually say they quit and reload, which for the most part works…sometimes. These issues are very periodic, after I posted those issues never happened again while playing for another few hours. It seems to all kinda at the same time, like one sound loss will happen, I will quit restart, and then a couple other sound losses like engine noise and guns being muffled. So I quit and restart, and at one point the resets will work and won’t have an issue for another few hours. It’s very random, and hopefully someone at gearbox can address these issues, because it would be a good game, without all the buggy issues. Thanks for your reply any help is appreciated.

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I suspect it’s something like a resource not properly loading or getting displaced when the map resources load while FT-ing to the zone. I’ve mostly had it happen on Devil’s Razor, but also in Meridian Metroplex. Whatever the cause is, it’s very much intermittent.

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I agree, it seems to happen on load in’s from fast travel, seems to trigger it the most. The area is seems to very random to me, I’ve had random sound loss of different things on just about every map so I don’t think it’s location based issue. More like you said something not loading correctly, could be a sequencing issue in the coding that is being missed, and then failing to trigger certain sounds to play when they are supposed to. For those that have experienced it, no engine noise with only the backfiring noise happening, sounds ridiculous lol. I’ve also experienced sounds after an enemy has died, will make a buzzing or humming kinda hard to explain the exact noise. But after the enemy disappears the noise stays in that one specific spot, as nothing is there anymore, and moving the character closer or farther away the noise increases and decreases. Only happened a couple times to me and doesn’t take away from the game in anyway like the lack of other sound effects, just another sound related bug in the system.

I get the no vehicle engine sound a lot. Seems to happen more on Promethia for me.

Random thing. If you really want to break this game’s sound on Xbox, use a second controller on player 2 split screen to sort your mules. Once you’ve loaded in 5 or more times the audio starts going haywire. After 10-15 load ins the game audio will start screeching at you. NPCs start sounding like chipmunks. It only gets worse after that. (Basically quit and load a new character on player 2 over and over. This happens consistently every time).

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