Random Story Snippets of a Derp

Greetings my name is echo1125 and I present to you a rather quick little blurb I constructed over the course of the day. I hope to provided more of these however I must note I suffer from Dyslexia so the grammar of this product cannot be considered ‘good’ in any way

Ponderings of a Drafter

Whilst it was true that within the expansive empire of the Hiigaran’s there were craft truly capable of wrenching the still beating heart from an opposing fleet they represented something truly rare and unique. Bolstering advanced technologies beyond that of their sister vessels these craft were retained under the independent control of Kiiths.

Wielding advanced arrays capable of manipulating spheres of hellish plasma around the battlefield to construction facilities capable of churning out legions of automated craft in a blink of an eye. These objects were wonders of innovation that showed the ingenuity of the race which had birthed them.

However with great innovation there was always a price that had to be paid.

That price was the absurdly rare resources that were required to give birth to these innovations. From the great Crystal-spire ships to the humble Nadion beam-frigate each represented a resource which could take years to procure and refine.

As such the vessels drafted for the Pride of Hiigara lacked any such dependencies. So that there would never arise a time in which a new craft clogged up the berths as its weapons arrays required [Red Mercuriuous Fluid] which the Cosmos in its infinite wisdom had denied them on their journey.

Developed and refined to a degree once thought beyond the humble drafting Kiith that had created them. These technologies represented the first truly renewable craft developed since the burning of Kharak.