Random Talk Thread Mk. II

So awesome.

We broke discourse.

The old thread. Gone but not forgotten.

@TemetNosce I’d pop when you need something. Or when you want to switch back to normal mode for golden cookie farming rather than wrinkler farming.


This is amazing. Arsonist, can we get a link to the original in the OP?

Never forget… and never forgive

Isn’t this technically mark 3?

Edit: it’s pretty funny how it got locked for reaching 10k replies ween we had almost reached 20k replies…


Technically MK 4 or 5, really. I think they went through at least 1 other RTT on the old boards.

More importantly, how the ■■■■ do I turn off notifications for a specific thread?

The more you know.

Change the bar that say WATCHING to TRACKING or NORMAL, it’s at the bottom.

I’m unsure if I’m disappointed in Discourse or impressed by us.

MK IV I’m fairly sure. Although there was a period one was locked for a while, I think there were only two threads on the old forums.

Tem, you started the old thread. Were you able to turn off notification replies?

I don’t believe I ever bothered, generally it’d just display a single notification for the thread, unless someone specifically interacted with me.

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Change the box that say normal for me to your preference

R.I.P. RTT Mk. 1

I dont see that box anywhere ;.;

It’s located at the bottom left of the screen after the last post. “Invite” “Bookmark” “Share” “Flag” and “Reply” are right above it.

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I FOUND IT! yaaaaay


Good job, it only took over a year and 3 posts to learn a basic function :ok_hand:

Reddit has been interesting lately…

Hey, that’s not very fair.

I also beta tested these forums.

I’ve just never made a post that I thought would actually get popular.

I know hence the over a year… now that I think about it I lost track of how long we have been here

believe in yourself my man

You cant make me.

But but… but

Bit less than two years still I think. Should be two years somewhere in the summer?

Beta started sometime in September so I guess about one and a half year.

Oh looki you can just check in your profile…