Random Talk Thread Mk. II

@Ganjamira: Well, apologies that I can’t cook, but at least I can make a sandwich. For those that can’t even do that, that’s what Happy Meals are for.


Youths obviously love oddity
Meddling kids...


Yetis overlook literary omission
(passes to @yetiinduni, library bandit of the Himalayas.)

Yak-141, Lift-Off.


Oh my god that’s amazing! Sadly I never have. Exams are completely anonymous, I just work with their student number. I do de-anonymise essays, but only after I mark them; they’re all submitted anonymously via the dumb ‘turnitin’ system. I have to applaud such creativity though :stuck_out_tongue:

If it were easier to change username I would SO do this :grin:

If you’re serious, just ping a moderator - they can do it.

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I know, but apparently it would detach me from all my brilliant past posts :frowning: Not sure what happens to them…

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They just get re-labelled, as far as I can tell. Same thing with your avatar and “full name” (check any of your old posts!) Take a look at one of @DeputyChuck’s old posts as an example of a forum name change, and you’ll see what I mean.

Us vs. Real Madrid in the final.

Lets get to it. We can do this.

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Better question, what happens if you change your name back – are you surgically reattached to those associated posts (while being surgically removed from those associated with your new name)?


Children at that age are all sociopaths, they will scream, hit people, and destroy things just because they feel like it, then turn around and lie to you when you watched them do it. One of the uses of having a daycare provider for a parent is that I swore off children well before I turned eighteen.

They do get better. But anyone who claims people are essentially good has never had to babysit a 2 or 3yr old!


As far as I can tell, I don’t get associated with my old @ mentions, and quotes don’t redirect to me, but the rest remains: replies to you will still link to you along with your new name (In short, I don,t really see a difference)

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Anyone get the new Prey? I’m about to get it (and download it over the weekend to play next week). I hear very good things about it.

Heard good things too and they implemented a FOV slider so I’m getting it… eventually because backlog

I’m almost done with Mankind divided, it just gets worse urghhh

Anyone else think “The Bad Batch” looks like it has a real Borderlands vibe?

This may be of particular interest to @VaultHunter101

From the TRAPPIST-1 Wikipedia entry

The planets pass so close to one another that gravitational interactions are significant, and their orbital periods are nearly resonant. In the time the innermost planet completes eight orbits, the second, third, and fourth planets complete five, three, and two


Someone also made the orbital resonance into music


Neat, but too bad they had to use an out-of-tune piano sound for the planets. :scream_cat: It set my teeth on edge!


Yeah…I debated not including the video but it seemed cool enough conceptually

I finally finished Mankind Divided and here’s my indepth review, the last part of the game in particular:

I walked past everyone invisible, then I punched the last boss in the face and won

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Are you sure you weren’t actually playing Skyrim?! :ghost: