Random Talk Thread, Mk. III

Major poster for “Borderlands 2”. Dude, his last post was in OCT-2015, he’s suspended till…AUG-2289?! What the f***?!

Derch is alive in his Discord again, after a long dissaperence. He is making BL YouTube videos again.

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Don’t have Discord, but I saw him on YouTube. I’m gonna spare the replay – just know that I’m unable to process that end-of-suspension date.

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Its when one swings the banhammer way too hard, it breaks time.


I also saw a similar end of suspension date on @Krieg_Krazy’s and @Stoker’s profiles.

I remember Arsonist telling me about what happened to Stoker in a PM. But I don’t know what happened to Krieg_Krazy.

I only saw a couple of his posts on an old thread that I made in my early days.

Edit: Apparently he was persistently antagonistic. :open_mouth:

So, as a general PSA - A permanent ban from the forums is not issued lightly, but does happen. When that’s the case, the system sets a ban until some crazy far-off date.

If you really want to know more you can read the FORUM RULES

I would officially request that we not engage in public speculation about why particular individuals got banned; suffice it to say that it is never without reason and due process

Well, apart from accounts created to set up spam bots. Those are insta-banned with extreme prejudice. :dukecheese: :blrpg:


Sad to hear about Tom Wolfe’s death. Great contributions to US fiction.

Moving on…

My dad and I were talking about different things.

Mostly about history.

Turned 16 today. I’m not looking forward to getting older.


Let me help you.


I miss being 15 and not having any real responsibilities


Happy birthday @gammuh!


Happy birthday!

Keep soldiering through the weird party that is life


@TemetNosce , that made my day.

Thanks as well! @Hattie @Tracer


Where are my mega textures tho


Hehehe, finally got a chance to watch The Death of Stalin.

Love Armando Iannucci and interesting or quirky historical fiction of any kind drives me wild so it was a predictable win. Dear lord I enjoyed myself with it

I mean when you hear the name Nikita Khrushchev you don’t necessarily think “Steve Buscemi” but it worked here


  • Did I see double jumping?
  • Did I see Bulletstorm-style physics?
  • Did I see huge mobs?
  • Did I see mutants outside of the sewers?
  • Who’s Avalanche Studios? Googles them… I haven’t played any of their games, but I hear good things about them.
  • Did I see the Torgue Arena with cell shading turned off at 1:13? :laughing:
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It’s also the JC2/Mad Max team not the JC3 team.

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Gladly, tho I will say 4tr that I’m less concerned with what happened than the date imposed.