Random Talk Thread, Mk. III

Ok, book thread thoughts, since it seems to be the closer of the two races-

The crux seems to be that what are you reading has been around a lot longer than book discussion and has more posts. Really both fulfill the same goal, but are listed in different ways. I don’t see why what are you reading today couldn’t deal with bigger discussions, or why book discussion wouldn’t include notes on recent reads. My original gut instinct was to go with the what are you reading thread, based pretty solely on seniority. That being said, book discussion seems more general. My only reservation there is that by nature, it seems like it would exclude other readables (comic books in particular, since we do a lot of discussion on that).

I’m probably overthinking this though.

I’m switching my vote on that one to the Book Discussion thread because it feels… broader by nature.

Anyone have any opinion on the funny threads? I voted for the what made you laugh today thread, again based pretty much completely on seniority.

So, can we even shitpost anymore, or is everything b a n n e d?

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Right now I’m taking the fact that the likes thread is still open as a good sign that we are not going the way of the No Fun League.


bless it
While we’re changing stuff, maybe someone can change that dumbass “gearbox news” icon on the homepage, when most posts aren’t even in the news category.

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My thought was that it might be time to re-merge the music threads into general discussion. That sub-board has been up for a year or two now and they haven’t even reached the bottom of a first page of threads.

I like yours too though.

At least the music board is more active than “We Happy Few.” I don’t think I even noticed Music stuff had its own safe space.
May as well merge the Battleborn beta crap into the main Battleborn board as well. Wasted space on the front page.

There’s currently a lil cheeky convo going on about gib in the “gearbox news” section. That’s pretty funny.

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Yeah, I know nothing about “we happy few” except that whoever came up with that name/style for the logo is boss

How cheeky is cheeky?

I think it used to be an early access game? idk.

If it was me talking bout gib I’d be banned for a week for a good ol’ meme, that cheeky B)


Really, going through this it seems like there are a lot of subs that could go.

  • Battleborn Open Beta seems like the obvious run, utterly no need for it now.
  • From what I understand GBX is just publishing we happy few and not developing it? As you stated, I don’t see a reason to keep those around.
  • The duke nukem thread has one thread that’s 18 days old, everything else is from november or earlier. I know that’s probably not a great indicator that it could be taken down, but I wouldn’t take it off the table. The homeworld prequel thread is about in the same way.
  • You could make the argumen that the tales from the borderlands page could just point to telltale’s site rather than us having boards for it - they’re mostly dead, but do have a few almost kind of recent posts.
  • This is the last post in the bulletstorm page from november, which is… pretty funny. Everything else is september or before.

oh ma gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad there’s a Slender man movie coming out

I can’t wait
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Is this kind of scorched earth policy actually needed? I hadn’t been feeling that these boards are especially cluttered myself.


Probably not, but we’re floating weird ideas and on the off day that I’m using a browser that doesn’t have OT on autofill its annoying to scroll through dead stuff.

It’s mildly inconveniencing me, which we all know is worse than stabbing me and then having sex with my parents.


Let’s face it, that would be a hell of a night


I mean, dad did just get two brand new metal knees, so he might get real into it.



Anyway… I just called up the library and began settling my debts with them… :persevere:


You would owe library fees, wouldn’t you?


Bandits don’t settle debts over the phone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I haven’t actually paid anything yet, just trying to arrange to have the book longer :smile:


Um, steal it, duh


I mean… they give it to you for free. And just let you walk out.

It’s the perfect crime… but we’re gonna need a big team to run this heist. I’ll handle tech and communications. Hattie’s the bag girl. Funk, you’ll have to seduce the security guard with your famine wiles.

It’s just crazy enough to work…