Random Talk Thread, Mk. III

So I’m eyeballing Mass Effect 2. The 3rd-person thing drove me nuts in the first one, but I got through it, and I hear good things about 2. As I check preview videos, it seems very Borderlands-y in terms of the “builds” and associated skills you give Shepard.

Good game?

I’ve never played any of the Mass Effect games so I can’t really comment on them.

And yes, it does sound like a good game.

Mass effect 2 was the best of the 3. The combat was modernized a bit, getting rid of the older KotOR system, and made it more shootery. I loved the characters as well. Highly recommend it.

And that woosh move

Back to work reading.



I’d agree that Mass Effect 2 is definitely worth playing, not a favorite of all time or anything, but it did make quite a few improvements over the first.

Just playing around with my webcam.


Anyone catch the new Rage 2 trailer? I love that game and want to play this, but less so after seeing that video… hoping the ‘actual’ trailer is more informative and less, um, campy-in-the-wrong-way?


If you wanted to create a trailer that in no way, shape or form indicated what a game would actually look like, that one pretty much nailed it. I guess we continue to wait on E3 for now.


Pretty much. Announcement? Excited. Trailer was almost at Plan 9 From Outerspace levels.

I will note this, as much as I liked the Mad Max game I’m disappointed id isn’t doing it. I loved the environmental aesthetics in the first game.


It’s almost as if they needed to rush out a teaser trailer in the wake of the Walmart leak, but haven’t even started work on the game yet…

Heh, doubt it’ll get to that extreme. Wasn’t it due for an announcement at E3? It was impressively bad though…

Going from the trailer I’m guessing the game is about paint-balling with zombies?

It looked more like that festival where participants throw coloured powder over everything and everyone. Probably not good for folks with allergies.


I just found out that Jeff Kaplan used to rant about games and developers.

And I worshiped him for his work on OW.

  1. peoples past shouldn’t be a deciding factor on how you view people today, people change and grow. Looking back and disliking things you use to do etc isn’t a bad thing, it means that you have grown as a person.
    (but people should rant more about games and devs, that buisness is a mess.)

  2. don’t worship people, ever.


^This. Everyone is flawed, and everyone has opinions, conflicting or otherwise.





A hero

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I’m now drawing websites as Pokemon.