Random Talk Thread, Mk. III

Ugh camp flog gnaw tickets are roughly $400 a piece, I don’t know if I’m going and this deeply saddens me.

What @itsTwister said. Plus, look at it this way: at least he went beyond ranting about what other people were doing to actually doing something himself. Far too many critics are “armchair developers” who’ve (a) never created a game themselves and (b) won’t even try to, yet feel perfectly comfortable telling others how simple it is to fix this one thing and it needs to be done now.


I’ve never written or developed a game as such, but I have done my fair share of coding and user interface stuff, including debugging some pretty weird and obnoxious errors. It’s a non-trivial thing to debug a codebase the size of your typical FPS game, especially with all the netcode and platform stuff that you have no control over.

I’ve never coded either but I want to.

And I understand that people have their own opinions when it comes to things like that.

I’m pining for @Arsonist so I took action



#morethanabox? If you shred it to pieces, will it be an ex-box?


I’ll post this pic of his namesake, maybe it will help attract him.


That is kind of odd, he hasn’t been on Steam either. Probably busy in real life I suppose.

Him. Also, @Derch and @MOLMF.

Wait, WHAT?!:

This user is suspended until Aug 13, 2289 4:11 am.

Reason: Failure to comply with simple requests to avoid personal comments.

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Well, there’s now a RAGE 2 gameplay trailer, looks much, much better.

Nothing as far as I know? Just hasn’t been around for a few days.

Edit: Ok, you didn’t mean Ars. Nevermind, not familiar with him.


Major poster for “Borderlands 2”. Dude, his last post was in OCT-2015, he’s suspended till…AUG-2289?! What the f***?!

Derch is alive in his Discord again, after a long dissaperence. He is making BL YouTube videos again.

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Don’t have Discord, but I saw him on YouTube. I’m gonna spare the replay – just know that I’m unable to process that end-of-suspension date.

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Its when one swings the banhammer way too hard, it breaks time.


I also saw a similar end of suspension date on @Krieg_Krazy’s and @Stoker’s profiles.

I remember Arsonist telling me about what happened to Stoker in a PM. But I don’t know what happened to Krieg_Krazy.

I only saw a couple of his posts on an old thread that I made in my early days.

Edit: Apparently he was persistently antagonistic. :open_mouth:

So, as a general PSA - A permanent ban from the forums is not issued lightly, but does happen. When that’s the case, the system sets a ban until some crazy far-off date.

If you really want to know more you can read the FORUM RULES

I would officially request that we not engage in public speculation about why particular individuals got banned; suffice it to say that it is never without reason and due process

Well, apart from accounts created to set up spam bots. Those are insta-banned with extreme prejudice. :dukecheese: :blrpg:


Sad to hear about Tom Wolfe’s death. Great contributions to US fiction.

Moving on…

My dad and I were talking about different things.

Mostly about history.

Turned 16 today. I’m not looking forward to getting older.


Let me help you.


I miss being 15 and not having any real responsibilities