Random Talk Thread, Mk. III

I hope nightime zoo is a bar. Otherwise this gets weird.


Of course maybe Cape Cod has some quaint maritime aquatic petting zoo.


The weird part (for me); it’s at a local zoo in what appears to be a residential area that has like 50 animals (my first time here), all of which seem to be the sort they could catch locally (coyotes, bobcats, waterfowl, peacocks, raccoons, goats, maybe a bear)… I think it’s more of a wildlife rescue for animals that are too messed up to return to the wild, so sanctuary? Anyway, they open it up at night a few days during Christmas, string up a bunch of lights, inflate random Christmas characters and set them around, have an activity room where kids make little paper projects, sell hot chocolate: not a bad evening. They sell those ‘Magic Christmas Glasses’ that make any light source look like Santa Clause. The nocturnal critters are up and stirring, but they don’t really shine lights in the pens, though you can see them milling around from the ambient Christmas lights (neat in its own way).

It’s a little chilly, but not too much, and I thought I’d overdress for it in a funny way (it’s more of a polar fleece poncho than something Batman would wear). My girlfriend, however, thought it was awesome, and insists that I wear it more often. Her daughter thinks I look like Dracula, and thinks I should wear it more. I might. :vampire:


So I was right, weird. But it’s weird in a fun/cool way. Any time I read the first part of a post, then remember “oh yeah he was going to explain the Cape!” as an afterthought, it’s quality.

Sounds like a good night and I can only approve of dracin it up.

I asked Alexa if she was drunk or high and she responded with: “No, not me.”

Bad news everyone. I tried to warm up some mince pies I found in the freezer (my mum made them) and I have no idea what went wrong but they now resemble a Salvador Dali painting :grimacing:


You over-zapped them and liquefied the contents. I’ve accidentally done the same thing with apple and blueberry pies - they get extremely gooey when all the sugar turns to syrup. But hey, SCIENCE! PRESS THE BUTTON! THE SCIENCE BUTTON!


I think my main mistake was setting them on a grid rather than in a proper cupcake/pie tray

Nevertheless they were scooped together and still tasted very nice :christmas_tree:


I have a headcanon that Serina is Isabel’s mother.

But it doesn’t make sense because she “died” 20 years before she (Isabel) was activated.

I don’t know what any of that means but I appreciate you.

I’ve been managing a whole lot of nothing this shift at work. I’m going to take a shower in about 10 minutes because my body is full of filthy human stuff.

I may or may not do some writing on my Spectaculars character afterwards.

I was referring to the AIs from the Halo Wars series by the way.

Off-topic: I have to go to the police station later and drop off some toys for the Christmas toy drive, and pick up my friends from school afterwards.

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Off-topic in a random thread.

Crazy times we live in.


I went to City Hall to donate some toys for kids in need, Then I picked up my friends from school and dropped them off at their grandparents house.

And we had to leave early because we had an issue with the Jeep that needed to be fixed.

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I’m not sure I like the idea of @system back-seat moderating like that (according to the FORUM RULES that’s forbidden). But I’d agree that it would be better to only partially quote (especially if the post you’re replying to is lengthy.)

And I could try to defy @system, but I’m pretty sure @Kitty_Jo tried that once before unsuccessfully. If she couldn’t do it, no way I could!


Does it still remove it if you’re also quoting someone else?

Honestly this change is irritating too; because dear System never distinguishes between a “reply to thread” and a “reply to last poster” sometimes it can be helpful to distinguish.

I know big updates sometimes just need some getting used to but this one is going beyond annoying.


Lol!! I remember that. I tried overruling Systems lockdown on the RTT but it wasnt having any of my nonsense. That was funny. I’m glad you brought that memory back.


I vaguely remember that from my early days on here.

-yawns- I had a long day today…

All we need now is @AMG_75 posting, “I PUNCH the @system”. Incidentally, I just picked up my Brick play-though in BL1 again…


Ban the system!