Random Talk Thread, MK. IV (Part 1)

Mmm, I’d almost forgotten about that Funny Feeling. I wish he’d do more guitar work. Reminds me of a lot of the solid odd stuff that came out int he 90’s that I’d hit on pandora back in the wow days.

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Well, I’ve listened to all the songs now, and I’m kind of left with the lyric from goodbye about, “Look who’s inside again, went out to find another reason to hide again.” echoing in my head. Not because of COVID or anything, but… I’ve honestly put off at least one doctor’s appointment because I can barely drag myself through my day, and flinch from the days of anxiety and stress I’ll have to deal with to go. I don’t know what to say past that, I suppose that there are an awful lot of broken people out there.

Welp, depressive/10 as an album. Going to go listen to Welcome to the Internet again.

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Yeah, I was curious as to what you’d think on it. A lot of the circles I’d been following on reddit blew up about it and I remembered you were a big fan.

It really is awesome and amazing and introspective and at least quite a bit funny.

It’s also… what it is, which is mind boggingly on the nose and can reaaaaally bring you down.

I think I will end up coming back and watching the whole thing again, which is more than I could say for his previous two big specials… but not for some time.

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Whenever I come on this forum, I check the new and unread threads. Any new thread that I’m not interested in, I get rid of using the “Dismiss new” tab. Recently, however, it doesn’t seem to be registering me clicking on it and it takes quite a while for it to do what I want it to. Is anyone else dealing with this issue?

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I don’t normally check that section, but I went and took a look - the option doesn’t work for me either.

Solution is in here:

I’m guessing the Discourse folks changed the way the buttons functioned for reasons. I’m not on their own user forums, though, so I’m not sure what the rationale was (discourse.org).


The solution works on PC, but not so much when one accesses the forums via Chrome on cellphone.

So, here’s a weird one. I’ve been confused all day over my screen seeming zoomed in the wrong amount after viewing a video. I finally actually checked my zoom - it really did increase it, without telling me.

Weird. Don’t think I’ve ever had something change the zoom, although I often do have favourite sites permanently zoomed within the browser for readability - stupid web designers with better than 20/20 vision and their small font sizes.

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Much obliged. It is a rather sudden change, and I’m not sure why they did it.

Someone where I live went and murdered someone in a trailer park earlier today, got in a car, ran down two people, drove to a pot shop, opened the door, shot another person, went and purchased ammo from a sports store with video cameras, drove an hour out of town, crashed the car in plain sight of other people, got out, set it on fire, and ran into the woods with a gun.

So, that’s a thing (including the long sentence).


That sounds so much like a GTA side quest, it’s scary.


That… did not even occur to me. Honestly my reaction to this has been a combination of bemused interest, and guilt at feeling that. Frankly, generally speaking crime in this town is relatively small in scale and impact. It’s rare to hear about anyone dying, and honestly almost all of it is nonviolent. The closest thing I can list in modern times to this was when my friend got shot in the back by police four times. And the closest thing historically would be an attempted bank robbing from roughly a century ago (which is mostly notable for being foiled by the public, and more specifically for the sheer amount of gunfire involved).

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It turns out that the rise of the machines will be terrible because they learn from us:

A bit of a long read, but worth it. Some things that stood out:

AI researchers discover toxicity can be profitably. A new political party could be launched tomorrow?

So, those behind this AI are generating the world’s greatest politician?

I mean, we’re talking computers here - things will go wrong, especially during development. The authors of that study are developing a tool to help others plan for failure, However, that should have been included from the get go - it’s not like error trapping and input validation is something incredibly new if you’re a programmer.

The short version is: when you take things humans have written and feed them into a machine-learning algorithm, you get the distilled essence of those humans. Include everything, and you get a racist and sexist AI; leave out the bad bits, and you get a sanitized version that treats segments of the population as if they simply don’t exist.


I was actually just reading about DNNs and the fight for exoscale computing yesterday. Regardless, this mostly reminds me of that XKCD comic. Though I did also read some about a form of training where they pit an AI against various situations, which could produce a very… adversarial AI. Regardless, things go wrong constantly, it could pretty well be summed up as the fundamental nature of our reality. Which means frankly people are looking in the wrong place.

Edit: Also, I can no longer see the buttons under posts except reply, or likes I’ve already given out.

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Yes, seems to be an unfortunate side effect of a site reload in an attempt to fix something else. Discourse staff have been notified. If you hover over the ~ location, you should see a grey background and the tooltip appear.


Not the wrong thread. :wink:


Or them expecting everyone is reading everything on 60"+ screens. Including phones. :woozy_face:

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So, here’s a thing. Stupendium’s latest song is less about the video game in question and more a humorous take on late stage capitalism and privacy. Some really good lines here, “The supply does not get to make the demands.”, and “If you don’t remember the ballot you cast, it’s printed on every receipt you were passed.” were both incredibly well written.


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So, that shooter from earlier? We now know where he ended up. He walked twenty+ miles through the woods, kidnapped a girl from Springfield (at which point he’d presumably been awake for days) and held her at gunpoint to drive him across the US then turned himself in in Wisconsin.

I just legitimately have no idea what is going on here at this point. What in the world.