Random Talk Thread, MK. IV (Part 1)

It’s not July or August that worry me, but September and October. Yeah though, this is absurd. On the (slight) plus side, there’s an expected containment date for the Bootleg fire of the 27th. So this one probably won’t set a new record.


We had a wonderful summer rain today. Warm rain here is so rare, it’s a real treat.


How the 70s saw the future of buildings and how that turned out:

“The 140 capsules are hung on the concrete towers that contain the vertical communications; they are identical, prefabricated steel cells filled with bath unit, conditioning system and colour television. Constructed at Osaka, they were transported to Tokyo by truck. The assembly time for each capsule was three hours.”

LEGO says hi!


Given the on-going shortage of chips and graphics cards, this seems like a missed opportunity:


Saw that yesterday, they were ASIC mining rigs supposedly, so not totally sure how much could’ve been salvaged, still infuriated me though.

Just gonna move this over here

I do like Eitenne for some general map clearing, for maps with multiple paths or lots of obstacles he can be really helpful. Altho i use sauda for most medal hunting

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My only comment here is I still find it weird that’s an actual game, I remember the WC3 map, but I never expected it to wind up a series of games, much less ones so different from the maps.

Living in the US? Paying a high price for middling to crappy internet? Here’s why!

Strewth - I knew it was bad, but that’s ridiculous.

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Partially, but I’m still inclined to largely blame geographic monopolies. Albeit their continued existence could be argued to that.

Damn, I thought Canadian internet was expensive – I just looked at some international comparisons and was surprised to see how expensive US broadband is. Of course they need to fund their lobbying somehow.

Cellular service in Canada though. That’s another matter…


The series didn’t start as tower defence, but it has branched out to have like 12 versions of the original game


And currently 6 of the main tower defence versions and 2 spin offs of the tower defence. Then 3 completely different spin offs that i know of

The original idea apparently came from the creator’s wife and the tower defence version came out later that year

I feel like the WC3 map predated that, but I could be wrong given we’re talking about a period including the early 00s.

The wiki said 2007 and didn’t mention WC3 as inspiration, which i can only assume means Warcraft 3

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It looks like the map might’ve been released afterwards. Honestly more impressed by the amount of misinformation I ran across about TDs in general while researching that.

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Speaking of Warcraft 3…

Well, Blizzard is worse than I’ve been saying for years!

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Are you referring to Activision-Blizzard being sued by CA? Seems like their PR department is trying to dig the hole deeper.


I mean, they’ve hired a torture apologist and a Trump official recently, helped shut down Hong Kong protests while letting China support continue, screwed over their developers/customers years ago to give more power to management, are paying Kotick amounts of money that defy belief for attacking both their own company and the public… Am I suppose to pretend surprise that they conceal sexual harassment allegations?

That all said, Ars may have just discovered that they killed off WC3 when they created their awful remake. Which infuriated me too.


Went back and looked at some of my old posts and considered finishing them, decided against it for a few reasons

Maybe once BL3 is said and done with, I’ll have played and learned enough about the game to make at least a build post, but judging by the BL3 section i don’t want to deal with it’s community

Just thinking out loud don’t mind me


No idea what kind of succulent this is but it’s just going into flower and it’s extremely cool.

Edit : echevaria - just figured it out.


Really what got me was the… enormity of the situation. The death that was involved in particular and the fact that it went on for so long. Christ almighty, dude predates WoW.

Nuts ■■■■.