Random Talk Thread, MK. IV (Part 1)

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll bother playing it again - started when it dropped on Steam, but as you mentioned the updates were continually downhill in many ways. Still though, a lot of people who hadn’t been around in ages popped up just before/after BL3 launched.

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I would be surprised if there was anything major at this point. There’s two Vault Veteran Cards still to come out, but there’s been nothing that actually adds to the story.


I mainly mean gear wise, i enjoyed the BL3 story, but the only series i really care about story wise is mortal kombat(just ask arsonist).

Also no idea what a vault veteran card is

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It’s a mostly a collectables thing - a way of unlocking 24 themed cosmetic items and four gear items by earning XP. It includes three daily and one weekly challenge that give small XP boosts, and adds a third progress bar to your character level and guardian rank ones. There’s an announcement about it in the BL3 News section if you want more details. There’s supposed to be two more of these, which we can then switch between (you can re-earn the gear items multiple times). Oh, and we now have a final level cap of 72 in place, and cross-play for all platforms except Sony, because reasons.

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They really missed out on this being 71 just so we’d have 69 bl1, 70 tps, 71 bl3, 72 bl2(don’t mention it i know what y’all are thinking)

Of course, sony is opening up to crossplay more, but of course bl3 doesn’t get it


According to information from the Epic/Apple law suit, Sony wants to get paid whenever the % of PSN accounts engaged in cross-play on a game drops below the share of the other platforms (or something like that). It looks like 2K refused, and negotiations went no further.

So we’re playing D&D today and the guy is running us through a module
Encounters consist of a town getting attacked by 3 griffons+riders and later on 5 Griffons flying out of a tower(I’m 99% sure the DM let us escape this easily to prevent a TPK)

Now we have 4 lvl 4 characters in the party and were struggling with the main encounters. At 1 point i had to drop all my 2nd lvl spells and my once per day thing to max out damage to kill a Griffon

Module starts at lvl 3 and we were in the start of it. DM goes yeah I’m having to hold back damage and y’all are higher lvl then suggested

TL:DR it doesn’t feel very balanced

Honestly I’d like @Arsonist to chime in since he helped me build this cleric


I’d weigh in, but honestly I’m not good with editions past 3.5/pf, and I rarely played modules. Sounds fun though.

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It doesn’t feel balanced at all tbh, doesn’t help that any melee character without high AC just seems to get screwed in 5E

Thankfully after this module I’m switching to DM and using my homebrew


Maybe the DM is channeling his inner Tiny Tina…


Early weighted stuff can be pretty shady - still love that you’re into tempest cleric.

■■■■■ op.

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At this point it appears that Bootleg will end up one of the largest fires in Oregon history, and it’s still only July.

I was reading about that earlier today. Does not sound good at all, and the weather forecast doesn’t look great either from what I understand. There’s actually a smoke warning here in Toronto due to the fires in Northern Ontario (maybe 8 hours drive north?) although it’s mostly the fine particulates.

And we still have the rest of July and August to get through.

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It’s not July or August that worry me, but September and October. Yeah though, this is absurd. On the (slight) plus side, there’s an expected containment date for the Bootleg fire of the 27th. So this one probably won’t set a new record.


We had a wonderful summer rain today. Warm rain here is so rare, it’s a real treat.


How the 70s saw the future of buildings and how that turned out:

“The 140 capsules are hung on the concrete towers that contain the vertical communications; they are identical, prefabricated steel cells filled with bath unit, conditioning system and colour television. Constructed at Osaka, they were transported to Tokyo by truck. The assembly time for each capsule was three hours.”

LEGO says hi!


Given the on-going shortage of chips and graphics cards, this seems like a missed opportunity:


Saw that yesterday, they were ASIC mining rigs supposedly, so not totally sure how much could’ve been salvaged, still infuriated me though.

Just gonna move this over here

I do like Eitenne for some general map clearing, for maps with multiple paths or lots of obstacles he can be really helpful. Altho i use sauda for most medal hunting

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My only comment here is I still find it weird that’s an actual game, I remember the WC3 map, but I never expected it to wind up a series of games, much less ones so different from the maps.