Random Talk Thread, MK. IV (Part 1)

I guess the Olympics is happening and no one cares. Hard to imagine being enthused to watch a world community event with no community, plagued by Tokyo’s overspending on sports they don’t care about while underspending on CV relief, a potential super-spreader and super-breeder event (200 countries all bringing their variant to share with each other — Olympic Variant for Q3!), athletes being given crates of condoms they’re not allowed to use.


I mean, I usually don’t care. I tend to agree though, given the state of Japan this should not have happened - and their ‘precautions’ are ridiculous given they aren’t even requiring vaccines.

That said, one of the kids my mother had in daycare when he was younger swam in the Olympics for American Samoa, didn’t make it to the semi-finals but good on him.


I don’t dislike the Olympics in principle. To me it’s pure sport : training to become the best at an endeavour that one can possibly be, for the sake of itself rather than for a paycheque.

What it has become in recent decades is a bit of a parody — not so much with Russia’s adorable need to cheat, but with the IOC’s voracious demand on hosts (parasitic language chosen deliberately). It (literally) struck home when Vancouver hosted in 2010 and we all saw how much the entire province had to sacrifice.

However……it was a truly magical event when it did happen but that was in large part because of the community aspect : the Olympic village was right downtown and the entire core (which is almost an island) was absolutely packed with athletes, locals, tourists, Stephen Colbert’s stage, etc.

Tokyo though. With no community and no community support, it’s just parody.

Completely unrelated, the CBC news site has become a SJW hell and I’m afraid I’m going to have to dump it from my bookmarks.

Edit : this from CTV, my new-for-now default Canadian news site.



If you like roguelites i gotta ask if you’ve played any versions of the binding of isaac?

Not yet. It’s on my to-be-played list and Steam offers it to me all the time in the ‘Because you liked’-section. Maybe next time when it’s on sale.

I still have Hades, Darkest Dungeon and Tales Of Maj’Eyal installed for those times when the urge to see a player character die hits me… :grin:

Edit: But at the moment my daughter is playing Slime Rancher again (she’s better at that than I am :joy:), so the darker stuff will have to wait.

I’m so out of the Olympic loop, I saw the headline for this article:

And immediately wondered what this had to do with Spongebob Squarepants.


This whole female athlete clothing thing is absolutely unbelievable. Getting fined or worse for wearing too much clothing. Gymnastics too I believe. It’s pretty disgusting that gross old men who head the sports organizations are putting themselves into a position of being called out….as gross old men, especially these days with the zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour.


There’s a lot of hypocrisy involved there: on the same day I saw about the Norwegian Handball team getting fined for wearing shorts, there was an article on a different female athlete getting fined for wearing a bikini bottom. I don’t get all this rule-making over clothing in situations were it makes no difference to the conduct of the sport.

Meanwhile in Germany:

Anyone else stunned at the thought of having a basement big enough to contain a WW2 Panther tank?!


I’ve had basements big enough for a tank, but you’d have to had built around the tank

We have a tank “bullet” idk the exact term for it tho


More stuff about Activision Blizzard coming out, and it doesn’t look any better (understatement).

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Had you never heard it before?

It’s a pretty common bit for parties, reunions and gatherings in the south.

I’ve commonly said of it “it combines all the athleticism of bowling with all the excitement of golf”, but it’s a fun way to kill an hour while still holding a drink.

Been there. I think the maddest I’ve ever beeen was the the Throne of Eldraine prerelease for MTG. Pulled Oko, Feasting Troll King, Questing Beast, Lovestruck Beast Gilded goose, and filled out the rest of my list with value creatures. Proceeded to wreck 2-0 in my first match then gave my opponent the win cause I had a party to get to a party afterwards.



Also, cornhole should go olympic


One hand giveth, the other taketh away

The name of your sex tape.
I can’t possibly be expected to not giggle uncontrollably at the fact that someone can say that word without giggling uncontrollably.


Games organisers have belatedly spun the anomaly into a safe sex message. The condoms are not intended for use in the athletes’ village, they said. Instead, they are meant to be taken home and used to raise awareness of HIV and Aids.

Lol, sure.

It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. “Please don’t ■■■■. We know you will, and if you do, use this. But please for the love of god don’t ■■■■.”


I was familiar with the game, but not the slang meaning of cornhole, so I wondered what @TemetNosce s definition may be.

Considering the slang meaning, this example from Oxford Languages is a little disturbing:

“many are introduced to cornhole at a tailgate or family outing”


Yes, someone seems to be having a lot of fun with that…

I’ve seen that game here in Canada, but not using that name. Guess it decided it was going to have to incognito or something.


Clearly hiding from the mountie mafia.

I’ve seen the competitive cornhole circuit or whatever being shown on ESPN

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Everytime I see competitive cornhole on the guide I’m afraid to tune in, and I’ve been playing it drunk at the beach for decades.


From what I gathered during my last anthropologic expedition into the New World (aka visiting the family :wink:), playing it in the backyard while someone is barbecuing steaks is the way to do it. And I remember in a somewhat fuzzy fashion that drinking was an important prerequisition…

So professional cornholing is a thing?