Random Talk Thread, MK. IV


Like this?

or would you prefer this?

I only learned how to do these recently, and I think they’re pretty neat functions. They’re in the menu represented by the gear at the top of the post box.


Just make sure everything you spoil is a cuss word, that way the site cuts them for you.


noiiccee thanks dude



Man that blurry one only works if you don’t look too closely at it

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I wonder if discourse would censor swears in there, resulting in some blurry macropixels. :thinking:


I guess the answer is yes.

This spoiler has been rated R for language by the MPAA. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It also doesn’t work so well in certain cases for images - best to use the “Details” one for that. You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS.


Currently watching Alexa Live on Twitch.

How is everyone this afternoon?

I went to town for a haircut. On the way, I drove through twelve stop lights (over a twelve mile drive). I caught ten of them full green, didn’t even have to slow down. :metal:

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:angry: The ones that weren’t green…

Did laundry at parents house. Tonight is to be dedicated to work and packing for my trip tomorrow and cleaning the house enough to set some bug bombs as I leave.

Only interesting part of the night looks to be sleeving up mtg rares.

I would NOT want to be on the CGI/FX/animation team for this; talk about crunch time - more like “supacrunch” time.

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Yea I feel so bad for the staff, and people are celebrating this???!!
Like wooo we pressured a studio to crunch underpaid SFX people to stress about this stupidity.
It makes me mad.

Although given the way these things tend to go, I’m wondering how much of the animation has actually been completed anyway, and how much was being crammed into the last six months.

Still, the crew should be treated extremely well for this. I vote for on-site massage/physiotherapy in addition to full film location quality catering.

The major thing that bugs me is that people don’t even seem to remember that the redesign is being done by humans and how much work that will be.
They are celebrating it.

Instead of being the “Age of Enlightenment” I think this era will go down as the “Age of Entitlement”. (And that’s the second time I’ve used that word in 2 minutes - ugh!)

  1. I don’t really care about Sonic.
  2. Even if I did I wouldn’t have any faith in the management team that allowed the version they showed in the trailer.
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I’m betting on the horse grey magician tomorrow.

Already up 400 today!

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I’m eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich while playing NOLF and watching Live:PD with my mom!

Started reading the Why We Sleep book everyone seems to be into.

I like the idea of sleeping more but he seems to be taking a serious stand against caffeine, and I just don’t know if I’m ready for this :grimacing: :coffee: